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081706 _ My last day at training camp

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  • 081706 _ My last day at training camp

    Well it has been a lot of fun going to training camp this year and there have been many memories made...

    I can think of last Tuesday when MTNMAN and CRUSH05 and I sat together and saw first hand what would be breaking news that day concerning Mike Bell and seeing the depth chart unfold before out very eyes that morning.

    Well today was not one of those breath taking days, but it was sad because it is the last day of training camp that I am going to. My wife is very glad that this is over, after all she is the "bronco widow".

    My training camp morning starts about 4:45 A.M. Waking my son up at 5:00 and we are packed and on the road by 6:00 A.M. He has to get the the gate by 7:15-7:30 and we have to travel around 90 miles to get to Dove Valley. After we get him into the autograph line, I leave to watch practice on the hill right above the practice field.

    The event staff are many of my friends because I have known quite a few of them for at least 4 years and many around 8 years because they also worked security in Greeley when I used to go to that campus for training camp. Anyway they kind of let me know about what is happening and what to watch out for and when practices are closed and such.

    Anyway if you can picture this a football field and bordering the football field is a small hill that people can sit on. I am sure many of you that are not here in Colorado and have not watched training camp at Dove Valley have the NFL channel and hopefully caught the training camp special they did here. It was pretty amazing what they were able to get in and it is much better seeing the camp in person even through T.V.

    So when they drop the ropes and the people are able to walk over to the hillside, they will try to push the front people up to the 10 yard line on the opposite side of which they will play. The people that want the best seats need to be in the middle of that line so they can get seats on the 45 next to the VIP sections. It takes a little maneuvering but it is well worth it.

    We also have Cold Stone Ice Cream that serves all that want ice cream in small cups before you actually go out on the field. Great advertising because I am sure there are others that visit Coldstone besides myself. Some of the best ice cream that you will ever taste. Much better than Dairy Queen.

    Calthenstics started early this morning to loud rapp music. I have never heard this before at training camp so this was a first. Al Wilson was responsible for this. What was really funny was to watch Larry Coyer dance with his defense. That was definitely worth a lot of pictures.

    Then drills began. Defense and Offensive lineman always do the watch the ball and get off the line as quick as you can drill. It is kind of funny watching this drill because they are only going at halfspeed and have no one to tackle.

    Running backs are normally left with a 7 on 9 drill. Many times they will only run the ball and make the defense touch the running back to down him. Today the first play they threw to Javon Walker on a pass pattern and he burned Champ Bailey. Of course Champ thought it was going to be a run so he got burned good.

    Mike Bell today was really good. He hit some holes today and then had an immediate burst into the open field. Several of the defensive lineman and secondary would try to strip the ball from him but they were unsucessful. He also took a pass out of the backfield and made positive yardage with that one. They also ran a middle screen and threw the ball to him. On all these plays, Mike caught the ball well.

    Tatum was good also, but not near as good as Mike was.

    Cobbs and Damien were running the ball pretty well this morning.

    Javon looks really good and is so smooth. It looks like we did well in picking him up. He actually made several great cuts and did not look like his injury had bothered him all. He ran a reverse that normally Ashley runs and he was able to get 10 yards on it before someone touched him.

    Larry Coyer was more animated then I have seen all of training camp. He was yelling at many of his defensive players, starters included. He was really letting them have it today. He also praised people for doing a good job but he definitely was very loud and was all over the place. I don't know if the RAPP music in front of practice woke him up or he just decided that he had to be more vocal but it was a different Larry Coyer then I had seen before.

    Every day I have been at Training Camp they have had some special teams drill for at least 20 minutes of the camp. Whether it be kick returns, fumbling drill, punt returns, or just runners and gunners it is pretty interesting to watch. Anyway they were practicing today the punt returns using the punt machine. David Kircus is really doing well and they are actually having him be a gunner on special teams. He was trying to get past Foxworth and became a little too physical for Fox, because Fox started in on him and we actually had a training camp squirmish. Guess who was running extra laps after practice???
    David Terrell and Charlie Adams were returning punts today, but we all know Charlie won't be doing that anymore for the Broncos.

    The 11 on 11 drills were terrific today and everyone seemed to turning it up a level. Jake looked great on a 50 yard pass to Rod Smith and moved the ball down the field in 4 plays from the opposite twenty. Broncos settled for a field goal because since they were playing touch football, Mike Bell was downed on touches.

    Jay Cutler did fine and had some good passes. He threw one to Darrius Watts that Darrius misjudged, it went through his hands and hit him in the chest. You could hear the ball THUD where I was sitting on the hill. Darrius hung on to the ball but you could tell he was hurting as he went back to the coaches. He was grabbing his chest as he was running. I think the point of the ball made a permanent indentation in his chest. You can tell though Jay is not near as comfortable out there as Jake, the offense just does not flow near as well because he is constantly trying to decifer the defense or remember the play or reads. He is doing fine, but just does not look super comfortable at this time.

    Bradley had the best day of training camp. Had some throws that were off but also made great decisions and had a touchdown pass to Watts against the fourth team defense that was thrown well even though it was wobbly and not the spiral that Cutler throws.

    Parsons had a bad day. One of his worst. Behind the receivers and too high for a lot of passes. Most of the time though on other days he has looked pretty good. I am thinking he will go on the practice squad but we will see.

    Anyway it is back to work for me and I will definitely miss training camp.

    Next is the pre-season game against the Titans. I can't wait it will be really fun to watch how the players I have seen develop in training camp perform against NFL calibur players of a different team.

    Good night and I will talk to all of you later...
    Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12

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    Thanks for the great post!!!


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      Thanks again, B4E!
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        Thank you B4E its always appreciated when you guys report back what's happening in camp.
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        Thanks Snk16


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          Thanks for posting this. I finally got to got his year, but it was only to an afternoon practice on Wednesday. So I missed seeing all the big name guys...but it was still a great experience. I'm addicted and I didn't even see all the TC has to offer. I'm going to try and go a couple of more times next year.
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            Originally posted by broncos4ever
            I can think of last Tuesday when MTNMAN and CRUSH05 and I sat together and saw first hand what would be breaking news that day concerning Mike Bell and seeing the depth chart unfold before out very eyes that morning.
            Dang, this shoots all kinds of holes in my theory that Jake's secret identity was MTNMAN...

            "Winning QB by day, crusading criticizer by night"

            j/k, it's all good