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    Originally posted by antiwup
    i know but he is in jail. i think any one who hasnt committed a crime should be allowed to own any kind of gun from pistols to assault rifles. the 2nd amendment is to keep and bare arms to defend this country the way of the minuteman! the 2nd amendment is not for just hunting its for protection!!!!

    But he DID commit a crime. His previous weapons charge was for possession without a permit.

    He also has a marijuana possession charge.

    He got parole. He was told to stay away from guns and weed.

    And he broke the law again by violating parole.

    So, would you still agree with your initial statement?

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      Originally posted by Jared
      The very act of having them was illegal, as it violated parole on a previous charge.
      He did buy them legally,their were just purchased in another state,so their were legal.Its not like the guns were stolen or hot,they were his.

      The only crime he committed was probation violation. I guess thats a system crime


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        The guy just seems to have bad judgment so I would say no.
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