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Is Ahman Green A Possibility in Denver...

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    Originally posted by TDMiller
    Over the hill is a state mind...!

    I don't think he is over the hill just yet. His age factor is not my biggest concern right now, as much as his what his asking price would be.

    One thing is for sure is that, Green Bays offensive line needs serious upgrading and releasing Green just might free up the extra cash they need to bring in help for that offensive line.
    Green's about to break down for good....

    ...between the yardage in the pros and his owwies.....

    ...and the yardage/pounding he took with the fuskers......

    ....I'm sure there are guys out there with less mileage on their legs.... Dayne! He's like a 2yr vet, with his few carries in his career.....

    ....which is what Turner is.....low mileage, high gain.....but I'd imagine he'll not come cheap. I see the faiduhs going after him HARD.....since they've got little/no running game.
    Who knows how he'd do in a zone scheme.....
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