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    brandon meriweather
    michael turner
    jeff samardzija
    a great defensive end!


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      Originally posted by Watson 81
      2) KGB DE frof Green Bay- would be a very cost effective move
      Is he a free agent?
      R.I.P. Darrent Williams


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        Originally posted by The Dyna$ty
        Never compare Ken Hamlin's sorry ass with Steve Atwater ever again, Ken Hamlin is a punk, sure he may be a good player but hes a freaken punk.

        and Adrian Wilson, is locked up by the cards = /
        What the hell? A punk? Really?

        He's a great team guy...he's mouthy, but he's definitely the emotional leader. When he's on, so is everyone else.


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          Originally posted by Nick7
          Wasn't Hamiln beat with a signpost, once?

          edit : snap, he was

          Yea and the guy who did it turned up dead the next day. The guy was a murderer and Hammer was lucky to survive being blindsided like he was.

          With that and DW's murder, it makes you wonder how these guys can roam free...


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            1)give me Ted Ginn!!! (youuuu you can seee ee him but you can never reach him)
            2)Art Shell as defensive coordinator
            3)Pass Rush.
            4)a OL that can protect very well Jay Cutler.
            5)a power RB.

            are you sure Santa its gonna read this?
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              Originally posted by BroncoSexyDaddy
              1)Adalious Thomas(Bal)
              2)Dwight Freeney(IND)
              3)Jared Allen(KC)
              4)Donald Driver (Via trade)
              5)Dwayne Jarrett (USC)
              6)Daymeion Hughes(Cal)
              7DeSean Jackson (Cal)

              Why do we need Adalious Thomas?

              Who would we trade for Donald Driver


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                My Choices

                MY realistic wishlist

                1.QB Quinn Gray or Chuck Batch (to back up Cutler)
                2.HB Michael Turner
                3.WR D.J. Hackett
                4.WR Andre Davis
                5.DL Jared Allen
                6.CB Nate Clements
                7.DL Ron Edwards
                8.TE Michael Gaines
                9.CB Roderick Hood
                10.SS Shaun Williams
                11. A GOOD PUNTER (Paul Ernster is horrible)

                I also would like to see Michael Strahan but that is a long shot (wishfull thinking)


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                  I would really like to see them try and get adrian peterson from oklahoma St. (if he decides to join draft) he is a good cutback runner and has good breaking tackle ability and he has good speed.