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    "Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that former Vikings receiver Marcus Robinson has cleared waivers, making him a free agent. He is now eligible to sign with any team."

    i think if theres not a big risk then we should sign robinson...he's a tall wr and can catch the deep ball...this guy can probaly make the big plays down the field like lelie did for with cutlers arm theres a chance this guy can blossem into our system...PFT is predicting new england to sign him...which i obvioulsy don't want to see ...

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    I hate the idea of the Pats getting him, that's for sure. Especially right NOW. However, I don't think you sign him just to prevent it ... but, then again you never know. He might be cheap insurance for the Broncos too.
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      He might make ONE play... but we've seen NE sign guys like this late in the season and they haven't turned out to do anything at all. Its just a desperate move by NE who is really struggling to find a weapon for Brady.


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        I think the guy is overrated. Minnesota got rid of him because of lack of production. I say leave things the way that they are. Cutler, Walker, Scheffler and Marshall are all getting into their grooves together and things are clicking more and more week by week. Rod is in there too but I'm not that concerned about him. He can get into sync with anyone. Also the long term guys are the ones that really need to get chemistry going with Jay. As much as I love Rod Smith he's not going to be around that much longer and like I said he can mesh with any QB. Bringing in another old receiver is just pointless at this point in the season. I say let NE have him. He can line up across from the old and crusty Troy Brown and Champ will line up on Robinson and then you see no problem.
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          id like him if we could get him for just the playoffs and then have the option to re-sign

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            He's a solid target for the jump ball, but inconsistent and injuryprone
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