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Reggie Nelson or LaRon Landry ---- one of them needs to be in a broncos uniform

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    Yea we need a good safety. Sad to say it but Lynch is getting old and Ferguson is also getting out of his prime. Cox isn't a good safety because he's used to playing Corner. But I would say cut a 3rd string safety - Steve Cargile or Quentin Harris. But first round should definately go to drafting a good DT.


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      Originally posted by The Dyna$ty
      So your basing this off of one play, yeah Landry isnt having his greatest game today but from what ive seen he can hit hard and he wraps up when he needs too.

      but like I said Reggie Nelson would be a much better pick

      Actually, I read this about Landry before I saw LSU play tis year. The knock on him is he is a poor technique tacker, and sure enough, he is.

      Look, the last thing you want at Safety is a bad tackler.

      I really disagree with the so-called overwhelming need everyone seems to think we have at Safety.

      I personally like Curome Cox, and I see no reason he could not be a replacement as a starter for Nuck Ferguson, none.

      Also, Lynch will likely return next year, and the Broncos already have Sam Brandon, who will make the team, and a young prospect at SS with Hamza Abdullah who they like very much. That's five Safeties.

      The Broncos will most likely add another young Safety, but I would prefer just one, and Utah's Eric Weddle at FS (6'0"-201) or Wyoming's John Wendling at SS(6'2"221) would be just as good as any prospect you could Draft in the first round, IMO, and they could be had with a late second pick (Wendling) or early third (Weddle).

      I just don't see the Safety position as that great of a need. Like WR, we have a bunch of young player prospects that need a chance to play so we can see what we have, particularly Cox and Abdullah. The Broncos have found a bunch of players with their same general MO that have turned out to be very good players
      here. There is no reason to think Cox and Abdullah won't do the same, at least as much as any draft pick. Draft picks are no sure thing either....