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    Forget taking a corner, other than the force of nature that is Champ, the corner that can consistently cover a receiver for the amount of time our line gives QBs doesn't exist.

    Unless we upgrade the line, a corneris a waste of a pick
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      I definately don't foresee Shanny taking a RB in the first round... Why? Well, the main reason is this class is a weak one for RBs... Unless A-Peterson or M-Lynch fall to Denver (which I doubt) then shanny MIGHT consider it, and even then maybe he'll pass...

      I think the Safety position could be addressed with the first round pick ( ala Steve Atwater)... but, this draft is top-heavy with a bunch of highly-rated saftey prospects so shanny could chance it one would still be available in the second round.

      Obviously, DT would be a major guesstimate for that first round pick... And, if one of those two OT studs fall to Denver, Shanny might gobble one up...

      The wild card could be playmaker WR/KR type like Ginn or Johnson or something. Be interesting to see what Shanny would do if one of those playmakers slipped. Stack up the Offense?

      And, you're right. Depends what free-agents Shanny targets. If he grabs Nate Clements in free agency then no way Broncos select CB with first pick...

      To get an idea regarding Shanny's tendencies in the draft let's look at the history during Mike's tenure:

      1995 - 1st pick Denver had was in 4th round... they chose OT Jamie Brown from
      Florida A&M. Other noteables: Terrell Davis (6th) & B.Chamberlain (7th)

      1996 - #1 pick (15th overall) Denver selected LB John Mobley. CB Tory James 2nd
      round pick.

      1997 - #1 pick (28th overall) Denver slect DE Trevor Pryce out of Clemson.

      1998 - {Shanny's first really bad draft} #1 Pick Denver selects WR Marcus Nash
      with the final pick of 1st round. CB Samari Rolle & CB Brian Kelly go in
      2nd round... In 3rd round, with 91st pick Denver takes B.Griese, Hines
      Ward is the next pick.

      1999 - #1 Pick (31st overall) Denver selects LB Al Wislon.

      2000 - #1 Pick (15th overall) Denver slects CB Deltha O'Neil (Shaun Alexander
      is taken four picks later but we get Mike Anderson in 6th at #189).

      2001 - #1 Pick (24th overall) Denver selects CB Willie MIddlebrooks (In the next
      20 picks went Chad Johnson, Drew Brees, Agae Crumpler, Reggie Wayne,
      Todd Heap, Chris Chambers & Fred Smoot... Ouch!).

      2002 - #1 Pick (19th pick) WR Ashley Lelie (take Clinton Portis in 2nd Round)

      2003 - #1 Pick (20th pick) OT George Foster (passing LJ and Mcgahee) & with
      #2 Pick (51st overall) Denver takes LB Terry Pierce (passing on Mike Doss
      Anquan Boldin and Osi Umenyiora.

      2004 - #1 Pick (17th overall) Denver slects LB D.J. Williams for the "U."

      2005 - With the 56th pick (2nd round) Denver takes the belated and beloved
      Darrent Williams.

      2006 - #1 Pick (11th overall) Denver selects Jay Cutler

      In all, in the first round coach Mike Shanny has done just about everything... trade up, trade out, Dbs, RBs, OLs, WRs, LBs... In the history of 1st round picks Shanny has had 10 first round picks (3LBs, 1DL, 1OL, 2WRs, 2CBs & 1QB)... If you account for the other two drafts where Shanny did not have first rounder, his first picks in the draft include (another OL & CB). To be honest, in the twelve drafts Shanny has overseen, FIVE 1st selections by the Broncos have panned out (Mobley, Pryce, Wilson, Williams & Williams)... The rest were either busts or disappointments. Five of Twelve! NOw, Shanny has atoned for poor early picks with some nice later round selections.

      The obvious is, of course, Shanny has entered draft day focused on team needs and has gone from there. You are not going to draft LJ when Portis is on your squad. With that said, it appears Shanny had most success wheh he drafted best availale player with 1st round picks, not most needed. In other words, when Denver was looking for a WR or CB they made some poor decisions... when they took best available athlete out there they got nice picks... Seems like this will be the case this year.

      My Final Conclusion: after careful analysis, Broncos will select best avaiable defensive body... DE or DT... OR... even LB. If there is a LB they like, they will not pass over on one.. I think they will take a saftey with their second round pick but there is still a possibility if one of the SS/FS slip to Denver and they like him, they may take a safety with the first round pick.


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        I wouldn't mind it too much if this draft happened like this. Because that would mean that we filled our needs in FA. Shanny did say you could never have too many good CB's.


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          Originally posted by kratos_godofwar
          I wouldn't mind it too much if this draft happened like this. Because that would mean that we filled our needs in FA. Shanny did say you could never have too many good CB's.
          Yeah, but to take one in the 1st round when it's not our most glaring need? Foxworth and Paymah are more than capable to hold their own. We could use at least a DT, DE, HB, OG, S before we would need a CB.


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            Every year there are plenty of mock drafts that just don't seem to be anywhere in same zip code of reality.
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              i would be happy drafting secondary in this draft. if Antoine Cason fell to us at 21 i wouldnt mind taking him. at 6'0 180 hes a big corner that would fit good with champ. im not sayin that foxworth or paymah cant hold their own. i love both of them but if Taylor isnt there i would have no problem grabing him. this class is deep in D line so its not like we cant grad someone in the second or third. plus next years draft is just as deep at D line as this one. but if DeMarcus Taylor is still there at 21 we have to take him.
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                I think the only way he drafts a CB in this years first round is if Revis falls to us.

                That is the worst mock draft I have seen in a while.