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dwight freeney/simeon rice/draft

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  • dwight freeney/simeon rice/draft

    if you look at the colts game this year as a good example we could not get to the qb..if you can get the qb it makes life easier on the spend the money on a great de like freeney or cheaper simeon rice or move up in draft to get best de, because if denver gets to peyton manning we win that game...way too much time...

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    Two other options that are just as good but much cheaper as Rice NOW are Charles Grant and Justin Smith.(Rice is old and just came of an injury) Besides Grant and Smith play the run better than Freeney. Freeney would cost too much. Don't get me wrong I would love to have Freeney, he is HELL of a pass rusher, but we probs wont have a good shot

    B-Marsh owning Al Harris(Aka: the supposed most physical corner in the league)

    Mock Draft:

    **If Ellis/Dorsey fall**

    1) Dorsey or Ellis(whoever falls)
    2) Devin Thomas
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell

    **If Ellis/Dorsey dont fall**

    1) Desean Jackson
    2) Pat Sims or Trevor Laws(whoever falls)
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell


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      We will not be able to afford both.

      I honestly doubt we'll even be able to afford Freeney as it is.


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        I don't want Freeney. Not at the price they would have to pay.

        I would like taking a chance on Rice for the right price. I think his salary demands should be reasonable considering his age.

        Grant and Smith both are good options. Either would be a huge upgrade.
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