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Adrian Peterson vs. Marshawn Lynch: Round 1

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    Originally posted by Hawgdriver
    I like a back like LT, LJ, Gore, etc. that is a great asset on passing downs, too. But you don't have to be a pass catching RB to be exceptional. Shaun Alexander is not a great pass catcher and he was the league MVP last year. It's like buying a sports car with a comfy ride. You buy it for the power but if the ride is nice it's a bonus.

    I would take AP because he's the more talented of the two. Is that really up for debate? On the 'back to reality' side of things, I would be thrilled if we ended up with Lynch.
    Factor in that we've never had a tendency to throw to our backs that much, and the whole pass-catching thing may really not matter all that much. That said, I love what Lynch brings to the table. He kind of has the look of LT to me. And for those who think he's overrated because he doesn't play in a tough conference, where did Tomlinson go to college? If you can answer that question, then you will see my point. As many have said Lynch trumps Peterson in my eyes due to injury concerns.
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