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  • What is the chance..

    ..we trade up in the draft? if we did, who wouldnt you mind getting?

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    The only reason I can see us moving up in the draft would be to pick up Marshawn Lynch (we probably need to have the 15th pick to get him). If we go for a DE or DT, which I doubt we will, there really isn't much reason to move up as there's quite a bit of depth in that area in this draft.
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      DancingHorsey is correct, the only way Denver trades up is for Lynch and Shanahan will try, there is a lot of defensive depth this draft more so then I can remember in the past few years. I believe that the offensive standouts are the oddities except the receiver class which is quite deep itself, but halfbacks and quarterbacks are thin, and to get one that could be a star, you need luck or the ability to get in a good position.


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        In my opinion Denver is a HUGE chance to move up in upcoming draft!

        3 reasons for this:

        1) The Success of the previous draft class.
        Here Cutler is the obvious standout, and would no doubt be in the running for ROY if he had debuted at the beginning of the year. Cutler looks to be the man to lead Denver for years to come. However, Elvis' start to his NFL career was similarly stellar, and had me wondering if he could lead the NFL in sacks for the year. Unfortunately for him he had less of an impact towards the conculsion of the season (to be expected from a first year player?), but will surely be the pass rush Denver has been looking for. Further, the late-season form of Scheffler - who appears much more comfortable and confident with Cutler behind centre - and Marshall - future primary reciever - are perhaps the the most satisfying performances of 2006. Bell was good in patches, and looks to have the tools to be a very good no.1 back; and so will be pushing for more consistancy next year.

        2) The Lelie trade:
        More picks, even if they are for future drafts, allows for greater flexibility to move up and down the boards. One could throw a blanket over many of the third and fourth round prospects, and so Denver, I think, will be looking to deal these picks away in order to obtain the player they have identified as their first round target.

        3) The current list situation:
        I may be in the minority here, but I feel Denver has a very strong list for the 2007 season. The Snake will obviously not be a Bronco in the future, T. Bell also looks as though he will be dealt so there are more possible draft picks Denver could hold. Further, I am of the opinion that George Foster must be moved on by trade or delisting, and would not be surprised if Smith only returned next year in a coaching or similar role. Obvious general list turnover will follow these possible moves.

        With all of these three reasons behind, Denver should have the picks and therefore the flexibility to make the moves they want; and should also have the confidence in their own ability to identify talent to move up to obtain that selected player. Finally, with the list in the position it is, the coaching staff will not be looking to re-build, and therefore select a multitude of players, but attempting to add an immediate impactful player that can hopefully contribe greatly to a superbowl run in 2007.

        Its quite late over here, forgive me if I have spoken rubbish.