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our chances of getting marshawn lynch. . . .

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    Originally posted by lancane
    Shanahan never sees the exact way I do, nor do I always understand his draft ways...and I think many on here confuse what I think with what I want, fact is my wishlist has some players I think Denver may go with, but not like it is not more to it then that. I truly believe that Shanahan is not looking at Peterson, Bush or any other top 25 halfback...he wants a Maroney type back with the ability to be a premier back, he does not want another possible Dayne. I think Shanahan will personally try anything to get Lynch. However if they do fall short I am sure we will see Darby, Irons or Dawson here next year.

    I really agree the whole cornerback issue is stupid and not well thought out, sounds like a give me pick, 'mockers' who do not know, there is no way Denver takes a corner in the top two rounds, maybe in the third if we have a ton of picks...but only then, at best I see them maybe adding a late rounder to develop.

    Personally I would like to see Denver trade out of the first - that would likely bring another 2nd Round pick and a 3rd Round pick, if they did at that point, they would have two 2nd Rounders and three 3rd Rounders...I also think they could use Tatum, Jake and George to add more, if it was me -- I would trade Foster for a 3rd Round Pick and try to get a 4th for Plummer and use Tatum to try and trade up for another 2nd Round pick, this is me. But the thought of three 2nd Rounders and four 3rd Rounders is much more settling then even Lynch coming here.
    True Draftniks would love that scenario! But I don't see it happening. Too much would have to pan out for it to happen.

    Meanwhile I wonder what the chances are of Shanahan using the #1 pick to take a DT. That's what the team needs more than anything.

    My ideal draft would be

    #1 DT
    #2 RB
    #3 DE
    #5 S or OL or best player available.
    #6-7 OL

    This could change of course depending on who's available. There could be a LB, WR, FB and TE in there too.
    Another possibilty would be Shanahan taking a KR/PR in the 2nd or later round, since special teams are a big need and he doesn't have a punt-returner with D-Will gone. I wouldn't like that, but I could see it.