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Plummer to Jacksonville

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    Originally posted by The Executioner
    IMO, Taylor sucks bad. He is old and injury prone. Yeah, I agree with the trading Jones Drew + 3rd round pick for Plummer.
    Perfect example of why crack is bad for you


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      Originally posted by tnedator
      I am not aware of any way that Denver could restructure Jake's contract to minimize the salary cap hit. Prorated signing bonuses have to be counted against the cap when a player is traded or released. What restructuring would change this?
      Anytime they stretch or modify the contract they change the 'Prorated Signing Bonuses and Career Bonuses', in fact what they will likely do is change it to look like a longer regular NFL contract with less bonuses, etc. therein eliminating some of the overhaul hit, and it will likely be for much less fiscally as well, they would have to do it anyways if he was staying as the backup, so think of it from that standpoint, the only difference is this will hurt the cap somewhere - either they make it for less or take a bigger hit, but with the changes not as much as it would have originally -- the reason for doing it is that teams do not want to wait till June 1st to figure their quarterback situation out and also that the Broncos would prefer to get something for their add the fact the Broncos could leviate the hit to as much as it might be if they released him later...then the proposition is not that bad.


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        the reason taylor didnt complain about sharing the touches is because hw was too busy on the sideline complaining to the trainer that his little body hurts win the wind blows no thanx i dont want taylor