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    Unless Bush pulls a Lendale White and just sits around eating Mickey D's until the combine, I think he'll jump right back into the top 3-4 RBs. I, unlike several other posters, think his size is a benefit. He has all the tools to be another Jamal Lewis or Jerome Bettis who can also catch balls out of the backfield. He has good (not great) speed and has quick feet. If he's working out, I doubt that he'll come to the combine anywhere near 250lbs. If he shows up in the 235-240 range and runs a decent 40 (4.5 range), I think a lot of teams will start looking his way.

    A lot more will be known about his recovery from the leg injury soon enough. I'm definitely not going to just count this guy out as a potential prospect right now. I realize that guys are all hyped up after Irons' Senior Bowl practices went well and I know that he has talent, but I'm not ready to say he's the #3 RB in this draft yet, either. Once again, I think we're all getting too wrapped around the axle about players that may or may not have a good combine.

    This draft really isn't that strong with RBs. No matter how guys like Pittman (who I'm pretty high on), Irons, or Booker test out at the combine, they just won't garner as much attention because they are so small (200 lbs range). All have the frame to add weight but if they all show up at 200-205 or less, nobody will spend a first rounder or even a high second on them. How many starting RBs in the league (other than Warrick Dunn) weigh less than 200lbs? The teams that want high priced RBs (first day guys) want potential starters, not career change-of-pace backs. Bush brings the size advantage in a draft class of smaller backs (even Peterson is barely 215).

    With late history showing that there's usually only one RB drafted in the top 10 and the rest go from about 20 on, I don't think any RB will be out of reach for us except the one guy (be it Peterson, Lynch, or whoever) who really blows everyone away at the combine and distances himself from the the rest of field. Either way, I think it's silly to get all worked up (one way or the other) over RBs that we don't have all the facts on, yet. :2cents:


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      he do not have a fumbling problem?


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