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Ramonce Taylor Speaks Out

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  • Ramonce Taylor Speaks Out

    We were talking about him a few weeks ago and thought some of ya'll would like to hear what he has to say about his troubles while at Texas.

    He has been invited to the combine and he will run in the 4.3's and he will be drafted higher than most think. I'm guessing in the 4th round.

    Here is the article.


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    Ramonce Taylor and Marshaun Lynch in the same draft?

    The Bengals are going to face some tough decisions!


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      Originally posted by stnzed
      The Bengals are going to face some tough decisions!


      Bengals are likely scouting the prison system for former NFL Athletes being released, they would still be eligble under the Free Agency policy as long as they were not banned! Clarett may be released soon as well!


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        i really think if we could wrangle ourselves up an extra third or a 4th round pick through trades that we should really grab this guy. He is an excellent change of pace back and while he is a bit smaller than the average back, he is incredibly strong. He is also a fantastic receiver and could actually switch to that position full time in the pros.

        Also, did I mention that he is also a great punt and kick returner? This guy has made his mistakes in the past, but he realized how stupid he was and he's atoned for it by losing potentially millions of dollars. When he was at Texas, he was being compared to Reggie Bush. Wouldn't you love being able to grab a reggie bush type player with just a 3rd or 4th round pick?

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