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Calvin Johnson runs a 4.33 at Disney

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    Originally posted by DevilSpawn
    Bust? No. But if they compare a player to the TWO best players at that position minus their weaknesses, then they are setting his fans up for a letdown. It means Johnson has to have 1500+ yards and double digit TDs every year until he retires, and then 3 years after that in flag football. Anything less and they'll say he didn't live up to the hype that THEY created.

    The NBA had some like that. Remeber Harold Miner, aka Baby Jordan. That's right, and he stayed playing like Jordan as a baby instead of Jordan the NBA legend. It's a borderline curse. Hindsight is for later though. For now, he's tall, fast, has hands and lacks baggage. Other than the hype, I see nothing wrong with the kid.
    In your case there is one tiny problem. He's stated emphatically that he doesn't want to play for the Raiders. I'm not sure it's too bright an idea to draft someone who doesn't want to play for you, but the word "bright" doesn't exactly come to mind when talking about the Raiders.
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      Raiders can actually get a pretty good draft if they draft CJ first overall. Because if Drew Stanton is sitting there at the number 33 overall, I think the Raiders should go after him. Stanton makes a lot of sense in Oakland because he's got a good arm and can scramble out of danger. But with all the hype on Russell, I think Davis has already made choice on taking Russell. But you never know untill the Draft nears.


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        Johnson is the real deal

        I have had the benefit of following Calvin's college career at Ga. Tech and his high school career at Sandy Creek High School. I assure you he will not be a bust. He is the real deal. Look at who he had throwing to him during his three years at Tech...Reggie " I can't see over the offensive line" Ball. Even with that pathetic of a quarterback, Calvin is still in a position be be the top drafted player as a junior.

        Concerning baggage, there is none. He comes from a very well grounded family with excellent values and a close bond. He will stay grounded in the NFL. He may have the talent of TO and Moss, but he will carry himself much more professionally. ANYONE that gets Calvin Johnson will be fortunate. No offense, but I pray it is not the Raiders. Calvin has had to deal with a totally disfunctional coaching staff and quarterback for three years. I really hope he is drafted by a team that can offer him some stability and a stable quarterback.

        Yes, I am a Georgia "Bronco" fan trying hard to get to the Rocky Mountains. There aren't many Bronco fans in Atlanta, just a bunch of Micheal Vick worshippers...enough said.


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          Originally posted by GodofallGods
          Not if the raiders draft him. He would be nothing. He would probably be a bust. But if say, the Buccs take him and get a good QB, he would be probably pretty good.

          Ya i've got chucky on the phone now he says we are on it
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