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  • Thoughts on Zabransky?

    I know he is fast. I know he has been productive as a college QB and I know he had that meltdown at GA in 2005. Where is he expected to get drafted if at all? I wouldnt mind Denver selecting this guy as a backup though. Hes tall enough and mobile.

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    Originally posted by lex
    I know he is fast. I know he has been productive as a college QB and I know he had that meltdown at GA in 2005. Where is he expected to get drafted if at all? I wouldnt mind Denver selecting this guy as a backup though. Hes tall enough and mobile.

    as of now, he is projected to be a late round pick / UDFA

    heres his draft profile

    Strengths: Shows a good sense of timing, outs good touch on passes and flashes the ability to lead receivers when throwing underneath. Shows good poise in the pocket and generally goes through progressions before scrambling. Has greatly improved decision making and is more willing to throw the ball away or cover it up when pass rush is closing in. Shows good ball skills and can freeze linebackers with play fakes. Possesses excellent top-end speed, can make defenders miss and is a dangerous open field runner. Shows great awareness and always knows where the first-down marker is. Plays with excellent intensity and fights for extra yards.

    Weaknesses: Doesn't have elite arm strength, frequently throws off back foot and has a tendency to under throw receivers when throwing downfield. Puts too much air under downfield passes and gives defenders too much time to receover when they get caught out of position. Though has improved in this area, tries to make too much happen at times. Doesn't have great height and has some problems scanning the field from within the pocket. Loses the strike zone at times and is streaky. Hasn't shown the ability to make throws in the face of pressure and there is some concern about ability to beat blitz. Holds onto the ball too long and takes too many hits.

    Overall: Boise State red-shirted Zabransky in 2002. He appeared in nine games during the 2003 season completing 11 of his 23 passes for 180 yards, a touchdown and one interception. He also rushed for 78 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries. Zabransky moved into the staring lineup in 2004 and he was named honorable mention All-America by Sports Illustrated following the season. He completed 206 of his 327 passes 2,927 yards, 16 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Zabransky also rushed for 326 yards and 13 touchdowns on 130 carries and caught two passes for a total of five yards. He started all 13 games in 2005 throwing for 2,562 yards, 18 touchdowns and 16 interceptions while completing 59.1 percent of his passes. Zabransky also rushed for 262 yards and 11 touchdowns on 107 carries.
    Zabransky doesn't have prototypical size or arm strength but he has outstanding mobility and he is always a threat to make a play with his feet. He is also an accurate passer when he gets on a roll and he has improved his decision making. He projects as a late-round pick or an undrafted rookie free agent.


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      Sounds like a Jake Plummer but with a little better decision making.


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        He's pretty good.

        I also wouldn't mind the Broncos picking him up as a practice squad player. Send that other practice squad QB to europe.


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          He did a heck of a job for BSU. And he is talented!


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            I think he could be a steal in the later rounds. I don't know if he wil ever be able to be a top notch QB in the NFL. However he has the potential to become a #1 capable QB IMO with some development, and he certienly adds depth IMO at QB, especially after he will have a few years to get comfortable in a system before he would ever come close to starting. Needs to make some better decisions, almost threw the fiesta bowl away this year (but saved it in the end), and threw away the bowl game they had the year before that.

            I think he is an interesting late round prospect IMO. The Broncos of course won't be looking up his agents number anytime soon.
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              He reminds me of Jeff Garcia, the way he plays and his redish hair, when Garcia had hair ,that is.


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                will actually project as a saftey in the NFL, he wont be drafted as a NFL QB.
                Go to and look at the combine blogs.


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                  I am a hardcore BSU fan and I have been to several games. I have met Zabransky as well as Ian Johnson and other BSU players. I will tell you one thing. Who ever get Zabransky will be getting a surprise. a good one though. He has the will and heart of a champion. If the Broncos draft him he would be a solid back-up, but give him 2-3 years he will be starting material.