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DL still a draft priority?

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    Originally posted by Cugel
    I totally agree with this! Denver needs some BIG DTs. They don't have to be able to rush the passer, which means Bates won't push Shanahan to trade up and get Okoye or Branch (both top 10 possibilities).

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Denver ignore DT in the draft if they can get a FA DT or 2 or via trades.

    But, I don't know how they will make any FA acquisitions unless they free up a LOT more space under the cap. Presumably Rod Smith's contract could free up some room, and maybe the team will get some more space somewhere else.

    But, this Bly acquisition may stop them from getting other FAs. Still it's a good deal.

    We are going to need a pass rush and cloggers more then ever now. As well as good coverage play from our safeties.

    Teams will try and throw up the seam to TEs and slot WRs that our safeties or LBs are covering. And teams will try to run on us up the gut. Probably alot of dinks an dunks as well to backs.

    We have the LBs to handle this, but only if we get the great DT play. And we definitely need a more static pass rush. I think D-line now becomes the priority again in the draft now that our nickelback situation is resolved. Not to mention Foxworth played very well at Free Safety when needed last year.

    This trade accomplished alot. Though I would have rather traded Foster and Bell for Marcus Bell and James Hall, effectively shoring up our starting D-line, and just drafted one of the top CBs if the team was so unsure of Foxworth.

    As it stands, we really could use someone like Robaire Smith, Marcus Bell, James Hall, or any of the D-linemen mentioned in this thread.

    Of course, we now need an OT, a RB, and a backup QB still as well. It's going to be interesting to see what we do.