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    Originally posted by hbk3030
    HE started? as i recall most of his touchdowns were when we were on the one yard line. Hes so good that 32 teams passed on him 7 or more times hes sucks. And yes i said he sucks, he does. he had what 2 good games? avereged over 4.5 yac in what 3 games avereged under 4 in 8 and under 3 in 5. Hes an all pro alright. This kid will be making me burgers in 2 years. At least tatum was a good back up, and when he was a back up won games for us. Mike bell had a really good game against the worst rushing team in the league. where he had a 50yard run and was caught by a lineman. give me a break!! you only like mike bell because you probably are mike bell!! thats the only way someone would think he was our future. So mike dress warm this year it gets cold in the stands, well your young enough maybe we can sigh you to the practicesqaud.

    Ok,you may have to read this a few times before you actually understand it,so i will go very,very slowly..

    He started the 99yd d r i v e. not the game.
    A drive that took us down the length
    of the field, where we scored.

    Arent you worried that if he did get that job making burgers, your dream career will be taken?

    " Thats the only way someone wouldTHINK he is our future".
    uh,speaking of thinking,you should stop trying to do that until your instruction manual arrives.


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      so we give detroit 2 players and a draft pick! its good dre bly is a solid corner! they can have foster. now think about this, now we can give plummer to houston for there number 8 pick and give them our first round pick use houstons position to pick up adrian peterson. then we would be straight. plus the free agent market is loaded with players who can make an instant impact.
      GO ANGELS!!!!!!! signed torii hunter!!!


      denver will go 7-9 this year and 12-4 next year and a 14-2 the following year and superbowl appearance by 2010


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        DETROIT (March 1, 2007) -- The Detroit Lions will trade cornerback Dre' Bly to the Denver Broncos for running back Tatum Bell, offensive tackle George Foster and a fifth-round pick, a person with knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press.

        The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the trade can't be finalized until Friday, March 2.

        Both teams seemed to fill needs with the move, which gives Denver a Pro Bowl caliber player to replace the late Darrent Williams and allows Detroit to have more options in free agency and with the No. 2 pick overall in April.

        Broncos spokesman Jim Saccomano said he couldn't confirm any deal.

        seems dre´bly was quite expensive...
        I´d rather givven up plummer& foster and kept Tater