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Broncos may target Levi Brown

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    Originally posted by DURANGO BRONCO
    Foster and Brown are comparable when Foster came out of college. Foster went the wrong way, and Brown who is apparently intelligent should develop. The problem with Brown is that he is not very good with his feet and will likely be playing on the right side unless he improves a lot. He is very physical but NFL speed rushers might get past him to often. Not sure that it is wise to burn a 1st round pick on a RT when we have Pears and Meadows and other gaping holes to fill.
    Not really, actually.

    Foster played in nine games his Senior year and sixteen his entire career at Georgia. Brown is a four year starter and a team captain.

    Brown is a first team All America. Foster wasn't even the best player in his conference.

    Also, where are you getting that Brown in slow on his feet? Virtually every draft profile has him as light on his feet particularly for someone his size. Here's just one example:

    Brown's problems are taking plays off and overall consistency. He is very good on his feet, though, and uses his hands well. He also has some of the longest arms in the draft, and arm length is the reason that Gallery blows and Mangold is good.

    Also the idea that he can't play left tackle is pretty silly at this point. Until he settles into the NFL, it would be premature to suggest as much. I'm not saying that he's the Bronco's answer, but Lepsis is coming back from injury and it's not like he's a spring chicken. Pears could go either way as with Meadows. I'd personally love to see us take a Tackle in the draft and upgrade the position.

    Dumping Foster was a great step in the right direction, but we need someone else in case Lepsis doesn't come back or comes back but in sub-par form.

    Foster wishes he could hold Brown's jock.