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Still Need a Ball Hawking Safety

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    Originally posted by Bronco in UT
    One who hawks balls, is one who succeeds in life......


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      Originally posted by Broncos Rex
      no such thing as a cheap shot ... when somebody puts together a highlight clip of your hits and they are ALL againt "defenseless" receivers (dont have the ball and are not looking at you) then there is a good chance the guy cant square up and put a legit hit on anybody(especially not in the next level)... i agree a safety does need to lay out those receivers when they come across and are not looking but if you look at the good safeties they also man up and lay a hit nomatter the circumstance
      Its not like that at all. If you watched Florida at all this year, youd know that their defense won a lot of games for them. They played in a lot of carefully measured games and along those lines there werent a lot of big plays. Who is the one responsible for giving up the big play a lot of the time? Thats right, its the safety. Dont get me wrong, UF had a good DLine and that helps but that doesnt change the fact that when there was a play to be made, Nelson made it. The only time I remember seeing him whiff was in the NC game when Pittman scored that TD....but when that happened a lot of UF fans were stunned because Nelson would normally make that play. Im a little worried that Nelson just had a good year last year...that it was the highwater mark for him but if last year is an indication of the kind of player he is, he is definitely someone we'd want and no, Meriweather isnt as good as Nelson...again going by what we saw last year.


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        Originally posted by futureD-end
        well there is always that guy from indy i think his name is Mike Doss
        I with you on this brother!! I think Doss is the man for us!!