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No Need For Daniel Graham. Instead, Take Thomas Jones.

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  • No Need For Daniel Graham. Instead, Take Thomas Jones.

    We definitely do not need Daniel Graham here. The Broncos already have FOUR (4), count them, FOUR (4) TEs.

    Tony Scheffler
    Stephen Alexander
    Chad Mustard
    Nate Jackson

    Way more than enough.

    Cut Mustard and Jackson.

    Scheffler is young and he and Cutler have something going on between them (in terms of throwing-and-catching).

    Need a veteran TE? No need for Graham. We got Alexander.

    Instead we should get Thomas Jones. Our run game is weak now with the loss of Nash (RIP) and Tatum. We need a proven veteran back who can run. With our RT gone and RG (Carlisle) likely to leave, we can count on Thomas Jones to get past the LOS for a lot of yards. His biceps are nuts too.

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    That is true, but I want him on the team for the main element that the others are not. A PREMIER Run Blocker. He is a BIG TIME blocker. Having him blocking will make a huge difference in our running game.


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      Given a choice between the two, I would definitely rather have Thomas Jones at this point. For me it's a no-brainer, RB is considerably weaker than TE right now.


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        First of all, Graham is a FA so we won't have to give anything up to get him, unlike Jones. Also, Graham can block (pass and run) and catch. Alexander couldn't catch a pass to save his life. Plus, we're supposed to use a lot of 2 TE formations next year and Graham would help us with that a lot more than Alexander can. I say we get Graham and cut Mustard, Alexander, and maybe Jackson.
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          let me just point out that SA is a poor pass catching tight end, who is slow and cant get vertical, and is a WAY overrated blocker. that being said, as much as i like Daniel Graham, i dont want him starting over T. Scheff. given the oppurtunity, T. Scheff could turn into a managable run blocker, and we already know how good of a receiver he is.

          and about thomas jones, he would be a decent fit in our system, but im not going to sit here and say im as crazy about him as you guys are.

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            Thomas Jones is not the type of back we need right now. Trading a 2nd round pick for HIM would not be smart.
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              I like jones alot. But I am not willing to give up a first day draft choice for him.

              There is to much talent in the draft that we need to build our team.
              There are also some vets RBs in FA that we can get.

              They may not be the same power as jones but jones has also misserd time the last 2 seasons with injuries. This is why no high draft choices for him.


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                Picking up Jones would ease up the Draft needs so we can extra pad other positions.

                Current draft needs are in order of importance

                DT/DE (Ikaika Alama-Francis would fill this spot)
                RT (backup to Pears)
                RG (backup to Kuper)
                Another RB

                That's 6 picks. Getting Jones would ease it up.


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                  Jones is a primetime performer. Without him, the Bears aren't in the superbowl last season. He carried that team on his back and delivered.


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                    Originally posted by tommy1986
                    Jones is a primetime performer. Without him, the Bears aren't in the superbowl last season. He carried that team on his back and delivered.
                    Yea, main reason I want the Broncos to get him.

                    Plus, our RT and RG positions are going to be weak so the Broncos need a reliable RB that you can count on to make a hole and get downfield.

                    His giant biceps can probably stiff-arm a couple of guys down too.


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                      Screw both of them and get Willie Mac


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                        Graham is a great tight end, scheff has a ton of talent and could be great one day. Scheffs blocking is below par, worse than Sharpe was!! If we can get graham at a fair price we should jump all over it!!

                        Its sounding like willis is going to be traded for a 3rd round pick and if that is true I would rather have him than TJ. Dont get me wrong here if we get TJ im gonna be pretty happy!!