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Kerney to visit Denver first

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    Originally posted by Cugel
    You guys are ALL WET!

    Denver needs Kerney and NOT because of his pass-rush! He is an experienced LDE who has decent pass-rush skills, but is strong against the run.

    Since Courtney Brown is the Broncos starting LDE and the Broncos would be forced to start Kenard Lang again unless they get a veteran via FA, and HE weighs 258 lbs., it's a fair conclusion that either Kerney will sign with Denver or the Broncos run defense will SUCK again for at least much of the season. Just like it did last year after Brown was injured.

    Do you get that? Courtney Brown has played in less than 1/2 of his games due to an endless series of injuries to both knees (as well as many other assorted body parts). You certainly can't rely on him to play at all, and he may be forced to retire if his knee flares up again -- which it will, it's only a matter of whether he can play another year on it or not.

    Kenard Lang is a pass-rushing RDE, just like Ekuban, just like Dumervil. The Broncos don't HAVE ONE SINGLE REAL LDE on their team. Not one good enough to start (and I'm not counting John Engleberger who is worth less than a small bag of fish & chips)!
    WELL, HERE'S GOOD NEWS for all you "Kerney's Not Worth It" crew!"

    HE'S GONE! He apparently took the plane to Seattle last night. HE's NOT SIGNING WITH DENVER! Happy now?

    (You people shouldn't bother with posts like "he hasn't signed with anyone yet." Denver was trying desperately to sign him BEFORE he left because they knew other teams would offer him more money than they could, because once again Denver is right up against the salary cap.

    Only Seattle sent Jim Mora, his former head coach to meet him at DIA and make damn sure he got on the plane to Seattle last night!

    -- unless you think that Seattle will offer him LESS money than the Broncos?)

    fine with me. . . and no matter how much you scream about it, kenard lang did NOT play left end for us last year-- he played right end, and ekuban played left end. . . ekuban is 6'4" 275, very comparable to kerney-- he's also at least as thickly built, if not a little more so, and just as strong. . . i think kerney plays with a higher motor, and makes more plays against the run in pursuit and in the backfield, but he's certainly NOT any stouter holding the point of attack. . . . he also had more sacks last year than kerney has had in either of his last two years! AND i believe he costs less than half of what kerney would have cost us. . . .

    once again, please look closer before getting on somebody's bandwagon just because they're a name player. . . i would have liked to sign kerney as well, but he simply isn't the type of true difference-maker that you break the bank for. . . he's going to be 31 in september-- if we signed him to a big, back-loaded 5-year deal (the only kind of big deal we could have offered him), 2-3 years from now when he breaking down we'd be renegotiating him and probably creating a ton of future dead money. . . . i know you want help on the DL badly-- and so do i, you should know that!-- but i don't want to mortgage our future for one 31 year old, second tier defensive end! if he wants that one last huge payday, we're better oof looking for help in the draft-- what we should have been doing all along! if we lose a little production from the position this year while we're breaking in a rookie, so be it-- it's a much smarter move for the long-term talent and financial health of the franchise. . . .
    Officially Objectified by the GPA

    rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!