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What We Need: Denver & Free Agency/Draft

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  • Cutler2007
    Agree with Joe amd also think DT is twice the need that DE is. Lang, Elvis and EE can all get to the QB when the interior collapses and draws the OT inside. Yes I would love a Jason Taylor, but would much prefer a Stroud or Henderson.

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  • JoeBalla2k5
    I agree with everything except for your assessment on mcgahee and thomas jones. They are not tatum bell clones, tatum is twice as fast as both of them and both players are better at pass protecting and catching out of the backfield. They both have more power than tatum and they both would fit in our system better than tatum did.

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  • Atwnbroncfan
    Shanny normaly doesn't even adress his line situation in the draft to day 2. He gets smaller lineman who no one else wants. I the last couple days I've been reading that Denver has become more active in the Willis Mcghee(sp) trade.

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  • Canuck Bronco
    started a topic What We Need: Denver & Free Agency/Draft

    What We Need: Denver & Free Agency/Draft

    Here's my take on free agency and the draft.

    Word is in that Jake will be dealt to Tampa for a 4th rounder. While it's great that we're getting something in return for him, rather than just cutting him, I feel like we may have been able to get more out of Houston. But it's quite possible that things fell through there. In any case I'm glad about this.

    As well, the Bly deal was fantastic for three reasons. First, we now have the best trio of corners in the league -- by a mile. Second, we gave up players that were going to be given up anyway. Third, it forces us to begin looking for a new runningback (more on that below).

    Here is what we need
    Some big-time pass rushers. Our D-line has been the major weakness of our team for the last 4 years and must be fixed now. It's no secret that we can't seem to beat Indy. It's because we can't lay a finger on Peyton. I don't care if you have four Champ Bailey's playing in the secondary, you can't cover receivers indefinitely.

    What we need is Patrick Kerney and word on the street is that the chances are very high of us landing him. He's stopping in Denver I believe today. We need this guy. We also need to draft a top pass rusher with our 1st or 2nd round pick. We also need to cut Courtney Brown -- someone who hasn't completed a full season since his rookie year and is really just average -- to free up some cap space to do those things.

    Of course we also need a runningback. This is my greatest concern. If we can get a stud back, we have a serious chance of taking it all next year. I just hope to god it is not a speller to Mike Bell. The 2-back system is not Bronco-football. It is for all the other chump teams who can't produce good runners like we can. We should also deeply consider the fact that playing against KC and SD twice per year means playing LJ and LT twice per year. We need to match their running games in order to take them down.

    Based on the rumours, I oppose the idea of bringing in Thomas Jones or Willis McGahee. Both are Tatum Bell clones and simply are not even as good as he is. Neither would be a full-time back and neither would spell Mike Bell in any good way. Both are injury prone and both are average at best. Forget them Shanny!

    Next on the list is Ahman Green and Jamal Lewis. I would be more comfortable with one of these guys since I think they're both simply better than the above, but also they would be a good spell for Mike Bell. They would also fit the Bronco system well. In any case, I still think both are old and should only be considered unless there are no better options.

    This leaves one guy which I hope we get and I think would be the best fit -- Ricky Williams!! We could give up a 4th round pick for him and he has the potential to be the stud that he was.... and better now that he's down in weight. The guy perfectly fits the system and could carry the load for us. Mike Bell could come in on the goalline or 3rd downs. This is the perfect guy for us and I hope many of you agree.

    Now I would not rule out us drafting a runningback but the only one I would really go for is Marshawn Lynch. Adrian Peterson will be long gone before we have a chance of getting him. For Lynch, we'd have to probably trade up from 21 to have a chance. But again, we should use our first rounder for a D-lineman and go get Ricky Williams in free agency!!

    We also need the following things, but of secondary importance: We need O-line depth. Draft picks would be best for this. Definitely at least a 3rd rounder, maybe another pick as well. We also need a speedy safety to add depth there for us. Even with Brandon and Ferguson coming back, John Lynch is terrific against the run but just plain slow in coverage. Finally, we also need HUGE special teams help. Our special teams were worst in the league last year. We need a kick returner who can get us out to the 35 every kick if you get my drift.

    Well, that is all. Let the discussion begin.