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Why are we so active in FA?

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    Originally posted by Grover
    Actually, yes I do think Shanahan is relaxing his grip on the personnel department. Not that I have any real proof of that. But I think Ted Sundquist has matured and done a good job. The team hired Heimerdinger last year - highly respected coach and a good friend of Shanahan's. Bates got hired this year bringing with him an aggressive defensive style and another good reputation with tons of experience.

    It seems like Shanahan has surrounded himself with good strong coaches and I think perhaps he's talking with them and building a team around a consensus of opinion as to what types of players the coaches want. (At least that's my hope) And I think all our activity in free agency is an indicator that things are a bit different.

    I really think we go DE with our first pick - and if we do that, then things REALLY will have proven out to be different.
    I think that makes more sense then winning one for Rod, I also hope you are right because it may help us to avoid some bad draft mistakes like we have in the past.