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Ken Hamlin, Mike Doss ???

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  • Ken Hamlin, Mike Doss ???

    Why aren't we pursuing safety's, lynch is getting old, and i would love to have nelson but i really doubt that he will fall to 21. Ken Hamlin and doss are the biggest names out there this year, and we seem to be very active so far, i mean if we are talking trades about mcgahee, and if we can afford him, then i thing we can easily afford one of these safeties. Plz shanny do the wise thing and go after Hamlin.

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    The draft is pretty deep at the safety position, so I expect Shanny will look there for help.


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      both those guys are good safties, with denver showing no intrest in them when there is an obvious need at the position tells me one of two things....

      1. we have our eye on a safety in the draft that shanny wants


      2. they plan on using foxworth at saftey like they did a few games last year when we were battling injuries, beings as we are good at CB with champ, dre and karl


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        Doss is injury prone and i think Hamlin is going for the big bucks! I'd like to get Hamlin if it were at all possible. Shanny will pull somethin off..either in FA or the draft.

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          We really do not need a starter this year but one for next year or the year after when Lynch hangs them up. Brandon was missed badly last year IMO and it will be nice to get him back and matching up on TEs.

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