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Opinion: Which teams deserve an A+ in the FA market thusfar?

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    I agree with the Pat's being at the top of the list. The 49ers would be a distant second, expecially with their aquiring softy Lelie - Their results, even with Clements, is a little disappointing considering they have the most cap room to work with... SF should go after Porter if they are smart...

    Arizona has a lot of cap room, but has not been mentioned nearly at all this weekend.

    The final grade for the Broncos depends on their signing of either Kerney or Graham - i will be a monkey's uncle if they pull off both (doubtful)


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      Originally posted by lancane
      I gave a C-, not a bad grade with only two new additions: a backup guard and a veteran halfback! It said grade the free agency market...not the off-season!

      If we get Graham it will be an A, if we get Kerney it will be a B, if we get Brad Johnson it will be a C...and so on!

      wel i need to read better.. i still believe with the cap we had to work with we have been doing great
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        I think San Francisco is doing pretty well. Clements, Lewis, and Lelie, not too bad.


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          I'd give Denver an A for activity and a B for FA moves (including the trades). Getting out there and bringing in players before they go elsewhere is extremely important. Graham, Kerney, Green, and Henry all came here before going anywhere else thereby giving us the first crack at them. That's extremely important in FA because a lot of guys sign with the first place they visit. Henry, Thomas, Clements, and Leonard Davis all signed with the first team they visited.

          I just can't bring myself to give the Pats the best grade because even though they got Thomas, they severely overpaid for Wes Welker and are now considering trading for Randy Moss! There goes all their cap space and locker room chemistry!

          If the Cowboys end up signing Joey Porter, I'll give them a solid A. Putting Porter together with Ware could be lethal and signing Leonard Davis was a big deal for them.

          The 49ers have a ton of cap space to blow, and that's just what they're doing, blowing it. They get a "D" from me because they overpaid for both Clements and Lelie and lost out on the Thomas sweepstakes. If they can wrench Porter away from Jerry Jones (which I doubt) they may move into the C-C+ range.


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            OK, I'll say it.....

            I give Denver an A, yeah that's right, I said it.

            They've got Henry...a proven 1000 yard back
            They've got G-depth in Holland
            They've got a veteran DT, who is huge! Big Daddy
            They've got a Pro Bowl Dre Bly
            They're trying to get...a backup quarterback(Brad Johnson, Jeff Garcia, Anthony Wright)
            They're trying to get...a proven pass rusher(Kerney)
            They're trying to get...Daniel Graham
            They tried to get something for Jake Plummer


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              Originally posted by Theonlymember
              I think San Francisco is doing pretty well. Clements, Lewis, and Lelie, not too bad.
              I think that they've done horribly, actually.

              They way overspent for Clements and Lewis--who was a friggin backup last year.

              ...and Lelie is nothing to be excited about.


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                I think some of you are being too tough on Denver's offseason. I mean, we acquired a pro bowl CB in Bly, a potential pro bowler in Henry, and appear to be on the verge of signing Kearney and/or Graham. If we just get one of those 2, I will give this offseason and A. If not, it still deserves a B to this point.


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                  The pats get an A so far for signing a tri-generational player that fits the system.
                  49ers get an A- for overpaying on clements and adding lelie. Micheal lewis is okay.
                  Broncos get a B + . For signing Henry and bly and also getting a good player for a 6th rounder in dan wilkinson.


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                    Dre' Bly is a great move to compliment Champ.
                    Holland is a decent move to add depth at guard, which basically means Carlisle can hit the road.
                    Henry is a good move considering we can get 1200 yards out of an average back, and Henry is well above-average IMO
                    Wilkinson is an ok move to add depth at DT, and if we were to get Kerney, i really believe that we will draft here in the 1st (Okoye or Branch via trade-up maybe???)

                    If we get Kerney tommorrow, im giving us a solid A, but as it stands right now, im going B.

                    ...we get Graham and Kerney and im giving us an A++++

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