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    Well, all things aside, Brad Johnson has lead a team to the Superbowl - although I am not a Johnson fan, any QB with that experience has something to offer a young guy like Cutler... The question is how much is an aged-backup worth? I just hope that the Broncos dont intend on paying him off...


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      Here's a guy who gets it...

      Originally posted by jpc925
      On the market this year, you have a lot of weak, inexperienced QBs: Tim Rattay (18 career starts), Anthony Wright (19 starts) and John Navarre (1 start).

      Is Johnson good enough to start and win the Super Bowl? No, probably not. But is he good enough to play if the Broncos needed him too? Yeah, absolutely.

      He's got 16 years experience and 122 career starts. If he's coming to Denver, he knows he's doing it to be the backup, to teach Cutler, and you have to assume as a result, the contract will reflect that. It won't be veteran minimum ($820 K) but I imagine it will be pretty close.
      You're right. We don't have a lot of choice. Either Johnson or maybe Bledsoe. But with the kind of money we're gonna have left Bledsoe won't want us and he probably wants to compete. Johnson knows he can't. Basically Johnson is Beurlein with a ring. He's been there. He's won it all and seen it all. His job is to hold Jay's hand. And if Jay gets injured he'll be there to dink and dunk. No one is expecting him to make plays. Just make reads and get rid of it like Griese.
      "What I can promise is that...I’m going to play like my hair’s on fire. I’ve found that when you play that way, making plays just happens naturally.”


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        The only redeeming quality Johnson brings is a wife thats easy on the eyes.


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          A very accurate QB that has one of the highest competition percentages in history and has a super bowl ring that earned beating the hated Raiders. A savvy veteran that can read defensive fronts and knows where he wants to go with the ball. He's going to be a back up and he is the perfect person to mentor Cutler because his game is different than Jay's and he could help balance Jay's attack with more check downs.

          I honestly don't get why all of you are poo-pooing this so badly. He's a good person, a leader and would be the perfect type of mentor/back up you want when you're rearing a young QB.

          Put me down for some of that Bad Johnson action.


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            Originally posted by JayCutler06
            if you think i think he had 9 tds and 15 picks is smart. whats bad to you. johnson is horrible he should retire. hes a statue and would get sacked very time he drop back to pass. we dont need him. the only thing that will help cutler is time on the field not a broke down QB
            His line was miserable and had no time, I'm just saying if we can give him time he makes decent decisions.


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              Why don't we get billy volek or matt schaub or heck lets try to get brian griese back! Anything but brad! His age doesn't bother me it's his inability to scramble and make quick decisions that does. He looked good in Minny for a few games because he had a good passblocking line infront of him. Also the prevoius posted indicated that his line was bad? I don't think a line with bryant mckinnie,steve hutchinson, matt birk in it is a bad line. More like probowl line.
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                I think a young guy would be good, someone who could push cutler to perform with a threat to his job. Why not wait and see what we could draft? If we have to have an old guy, Johnson is the way to go... he's cheap