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Brad Johnson wont be coming to Denver

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    Am I the only one that would prefer Tim Rattay?

    R Ayers - B Cofield - A Haynesworth - CJ ohnson
    J Anderson - J Beason - DJ Williams
    R Bailey - P Amukamara - R Hill - A Goodman


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      Originally posted by Aija
      Brad Johnson realised that Tony Romo is a three game wonder who will lose his starting job by mid season. So he is going to get to start one last time before he retires. Romo is no way near the calibre of QB that cutler is. Johnson figured that the only way he would see any playing time is if Cutler got hurt. Good riddance. We need to call the old Arena and Florida state stud Adrian Peterson up and give him a look. He never really got a shot in New Orleans.
      Actually he should go to Cincinnati.


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        Originally posted by TXBRONC
        HP we could really use an experienced back up quarterback and considering what's out there Johnson wouldn't have been a bad choice imo.

        Have you seen Johnson play recently? The bad part about a backup QB is that HE ACTUALLY HAS TO PLAY if the starter goes down.

        We don't need the backup QB to be Cutler's buddy, Cutler's mentor, or Cutler's Daddy...

        We need a PLAYER who can PLAY if Cutler gets hurt. Are you ready to hand 39 year old, slower than Drew Bledsoe, Brad Johnson the keys to this team? Not me.

        Cutler has a mentor, his name is Mike Shannahan, one of the best offensive minds and QB developing coaches ever! We don't need a nursemaid for Cutler, we need a backup QB who can WIN GAMES!!!


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          not to worry, he was worse than Jake Plummer last year.