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if kerney has left seattle wouldnt

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    Originally posted by Cugel
    I don't know how that happened either, but that's what he was quoted as saying in the Post this morning.
    Yes the contract could be differnt, and Seattle could be offering more money, but what is close to being the same is more then likley Guarantee money, that is what matters to Players now is that Guarantee money.. if its about 1mil to 2mil differnce i could see why he has not decided..So now he is deciding what team can win now, And i do belive we are better then Seattle.


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      Originally posted by goblue8888
      that mean he is going be a bronco if he is deciding tomorrow. The reason i ask is because why would he leave Seattle if he was going to decide on them tomorrow. I mean wouldn't he just stay there for his press conference rather than leaving.
      I really don't think you can read much into this. He could be coming to Denver to sign. Or he could be coming to say, "Look I'd rather play here than Seattle, but they're offering more money. How much higher can you go?"

      What it tells me, though, is that Denver is very much in the thick of this...and if Shanny really wants Kerney, he will get another chance to make it happen.


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        Originally posted by hilife
        5yrs 22.5 mil 12 of it is guareented. Adam Schelther (sp) put it up
        4.5mil a year if u look at it that, but knowing Denver the contract can be worth 22.5 mil but no matter what he gets 12mil so really its only 3mil a year what we saved on Champs contract, the 10.5 million left is propley Roster Bonus and Peformance incentives. Also we are still redoing Rod's contract to..