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    The mock guessing time is back and I would like feedback... please leave comments because those comments that just say "they wont take him" sound silly. NO trades are done because they are unpredictable. I am adding Mel Kiper’s picks and Todd McShay’s picks only because I see Kiper being accurate some times and McShay mainly because he is on the ESPN website (no other reason), I don’t keep up with other sites mocks because some are off the wall.

    Remember This a Mock with players falling and rising, I might have put a player lower than you think… if that’s the case support your opinion with a “this team would get him before because…” Enjoy.

    1 - Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell, QB/LSU - Called this pick in my second mock of this year, they need a QB badly and with the depth of WR in the draft Oak goes franchise QB with number 1. Kiper: Russell. McShay: Russell.

    2 - Detroit Lions: Brady Quinn, QB/Notre Dame - I think that Detroit needs a QB just as bad as they need OT and Quinn could be brilliant in a spread throwing system, Joe Thomas is so tempting but I can see a pretty good OT in the second round for them, then you have to look at available QB’s and I’m pretty sure Stanton is one or two years away from starting. Kiper: Quinn. McShay: Quinn.

    3 - Cleveland Browns: Adrian Peterson, RB/Oklahoma - I know Browns fans might dog me for this pick but after I saw his workout (personally... I was there with NFL exec's) I can only see this pick, he shown that he can pretty much do it all. I think they give Kevin Schaffer (OLT) another chance this season and with Eric Steinbach (sp?) (OLG) playing next to him the line should improve as well. Kiper: Peterson. McShay: Peterson.

    4 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Calvin Johnson, WR/Georgia Tech - It's too bad that they couldn't pick first mainly because Johnson deserves to go first overall, he is by far and away the best player in the draft this year, looks like Cadillac will have some running room after teams keep safety help over top of smaller CB’s. Kiper: Johnson. McShay: Johnson

    5 - Arizona Cardinals: Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin - The Best OT in this years draft is off to replace a somewhat bust in Leonard Davis at LT the only problem with this is the Leinart is a lefty and Thomas won't have his backside, we might see Thomas change to RT but I doubt it. Kiper: Thomas. McShay: Thomas.

    6 - Washington Redskins: Gaines Adams, DE/Clemson - He has the speed to actually provide a pass rush and he anchors pretty well in the run game area... look for Greg Williams to use this man and try to bring that defense back to one of the top in the NFL, the other upside is that he looks like he might be able to add more weight. Kiper: Adams. McShay: Adams.

    7 - Minnesota Vikings: Ted Ginn Jr., WR/Ohio State - This is kind of going to be a big gamble because Ginn hasn't really done any off season workouts (mainly because of his foot) but his PR/KR return ability and his world class speed might be too much to pass up. They have a pretty solid team except for CB, OT, and DT depth but I think they go with Ginn here. They could add S depth as well but Smith is still fairly young… Sharper is the only aging member of the secondary. Kiper: Landry. McShay: Anderson.

    8 - Houston Texans: LaRon Landry, S/LSU - Levi Brown is tempting but he is still too raw and he has only played tackle for a few years… does that give confidence to an NFL GM, that and I believe Kub will build his line with latter picks like the Broncos do. Their Safety corp is worse than the O-line and Landry will bring an immediate impact. Kiper: Hall. McShay: Brown.

    9 - Miami Dolphins: Alan Branch, DT/Michigan - speculation has him falling but not from what I have heard through NFL sources. Branch is a big DT who will fit in either 3-4 or 4-3 defensive system as well as add some youth to an otherwise aging defensive line. It’s hard to find a big man with Branch’s athleticism. Kiper: Brown. McShay: Branch.

    10 - Atlanta Falcons: Levi Brown, OT/Penn State - With a new offensive system coming in and no real eye popping O-lineman (Wayne Gandy is getting way too old) Brown can get some more coaching and learn for a year then help improve a O-line that didn't really do a great job pass blocking, even with the loss of Kerney there is enough depth at the DE position in this draft for the Falcons to take Brown. Kiper: Anderson. McShay: Landry.

    11 - San Francisco 49ers: Dwayne Jarrett, WR/USC - With a majority of the off season spent upgrading the defense the 49ers once again go offense and give Smith the last first round offensive weapon for at least a couple of years... oh as well as replace and add depth for a departed Antonio Bryant, I say that because Lelie isn’t really a possession WR. Kiper: Jarrett. McShay: Ginn Jr.

    12 - Buffalo Bills: Patrick Willis, ILB/Ole Miss - After losing the heart of the defense in Fletcher-Baker they will need to replace him with a great young athlete in Willis, especially with the fact that Spikes in on the trading block. This defense is improving and they can get a quality RB in the second round to at least give them youth and hopefully speed at the RB position. Kiper: Okoye. McShay: Hall.

    13 - St. Louis Rams: Jamaal Anderson, DE/Arkansas - The Rams will add a much needed compliment to Leonard Little and improve a D-line that couldn't really create pressure last year. They look to add LB depth and maybe a starter on the strong side opposite of Tinoasamoa. Kiper: Branch. McShay: Okoye.

    14 - Carolina Panthers: Greg Olsen, TE/Miami (FL) – The offense was fairly weak last year and they got no production from the TE position, they need another weapon for the QB to throw the ball to and Olsen will create mismatches with opposing defensive backs and open room for Foster and Williams to run. If there was a great 3rd QB on this board I would have picked a QB at this selection but I think they get one in the 2nd round. Kiper: Olsen. McShay: Willis.

    15 - Pittsburg Steelers: Jarvis Moss, DE\OLB/Florida - After losing Joey Porter the Steelers are going to be looking at the defensive side of the ball. Moss brings speed, quickness and the ability to play either OLB or DE depending on what Mike Tomlin decides to do with the defense in the future. Kiper: Timmons. McShay: Moss.

    16 - Green Bay Packers: Marshawn Lynch, RB/California - I have come the conclusion that G.B. will take Lynch as long as he gets past Buffalo at 12. They might seriously look at Hall or Timmons here but the need of RB is much more apparent. Kiper: Lynch. McShay: Lynch.

    17 - Jacksonville Jaguars: Leon Hall, CB/Michigan - It is kind of hard to believe that the first CB is taken so late but Hall will start a chain reaction of CB's being taken in the first round. Jacksonville really needs another CB to play opposite Mathis. The Jags have a pretty solid team on paper but they have some huge holes that once fixed might make them a contender this year. Kiper: Ginn Jr. McShay: Carriker.

    18 - Cincinnati Bengals: Amobi Okoye, DT/Louisville - The Bengals need a DT pretty bad, especially one who can stop the run as well as rush the passer, they will be a handful this year... oh, and by the way Okoye has never been arrested (pretty good sign huh). Kiper: Beason. McShay: Timmons.

    19 - Tennessee Titans: Robert Meachem, WR/Tennessee - The Titans will need to add another target for young after losing Bennett to St. Louis and Wade to San Francisco. This is a wild card team that could surprise people and Meachem can definitely be put to good use. Kiper: Carriker. McShay: Bowe.

    20 - New York Giants: Lawrence Timmons, OLB/Florida St. - I think that this is going to be between Sears and Timmons here. Timmons can play SLB and Gerris Wilkinson will start at WLB with depth in other positions to be added in the next rounds. Kiper: Posluszny. McShay: Houston.

    21 - Denver Broncos: Adam Carriker, DE/Nebraska - While I'd like to see us trade out of the first round for more picks I think Carriker will be a very good pickup here. The Broncos could use him as a 3 technique or DE... now it just remains to be seen if he can be a pass rusher. Kiper: Moss. McShay: Spencer.

    22 - Dallas Cowboys: Dwayne Bowe, WR/LSU - Even though they have quite a few WR's on their roster the Cowboys are going to need a young and capable WR who can take over when Owens puts his foot in his mouth or Glenn begins to lose his step. They will add a FS in round 2 to pair with Williams. Kiper: Meachem. McShay: Nelson.

    23 - Kansas City Chiefs: Sidney Rice, WR/South Carolina - The Chiefs are going to pick up Rice purely on the fact that he is a big target that will allow the passing game to open up a little more especially with the 8 and 9 man fronts L.J. demands. Look for the Chiefs to add a big OT (Ugoh) in the next few rounds. Kiper: Houston. McShay: Jarrett.
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    24 - New England Patriots (from Seattle Seahawks): Paul Posluszny, OLB/Penn St. – Even with the addition of Hartwell, Posluszny is just what we need the Patriots to get even stronger on defense. This pick will allow bring in a LB who can play inside or outside as well as drop into pass coverage, I see Paul as the eventual replacement for Bruschi. Kiper: Willis. McShay: Ross.

    25 - New York Jets: Darrelle Revis, CB/Pittsburgh – The Jets added Thomas Jones to spark the running game and they have a good pair of WR’s, TE could be a pick here but with Olsen off I can only see an upgrade at CB which the Jets desperately need. Kiper: Revis. McShay: Olsen.

    26 - Philadelphia Eagles: Chris Houston, CB/Arkansas – The Eagles lost Hood and they don’t have any real depth at CB, especially when looking at the fact that Brown and Sheppard have had injuries that have taken them out of multiple games CB depth is the only way I can see this pick. Kiper: Steve Smith. McShay: Revis.

    27 - New Orleans Saints: Aaron Ross, CB/Texas - The Saints are thin at CB and they don't have key shut down or playmaking CB. They have a pretty good pair of young Safeties in Harper and Bullocks, as well as filling LB needs. Look for TE and OL upgrades in the next few rounds. Kiper: Ross. McShay: McCauley.

    28 - New England Patriots: Reggie Nelson, S/Florida - The Patriots are going to need youth and skill to fill in for Harrison or Sanders if they get hurt or to replace Harrison as he gets older. The agile Nelson looks to be a great pickup for the Patriots already dangerous defense. Kiper: Nelson. McShay: Posluszny.

    29 - Baltimore Ravens: Justin Blalock, OL/Texas - Grubbs is a better guard but Blalock has the versatility to move around the O-line, with holes at RT and a soon to retire Ogden as well as average guards, Blalock looks to be a great addition for the Ravens and their future. Kiper: Staley. McShay: Charles Johnson.

    30 - San Diego Chargers: Brandon Siler, ILB/Florida - Siler has the ability to cover and stop the run very well and with his ability to be around the ball, as well as good durability I see the Chargers jumping to get this guy. Kiper: Bowe. McShay: Meachem.

    31 - Chicago Bears: Ben Grubbs, OG/Auburn - Grubbs can play right away at guard and this is especially great for the Bears since they have aging tackles and weak spots at guard. They got exposed against the Colts in the Super Bowl and if Grossman is to succeed the line will have to be fixed now. Kiper: Grubbs. McShay: Grubbs.

    32 - Indianapolis Colts: Jon Beason, OLB/Miami (FL) - The loss of Cato June will open up a spot for a speedy hard hitting Beason to step in and contribute right away. Beason will need to become familiar with the Tampa 2 defense but it shouldn't be too difficult a task. Indy has lost and /or has no quality LB play or depth, Morris is overrated and Brackett is an overachiever. Kiper: Harrell. McShay: Harrell.

    33 - Oakland Raiders: Aaron Sears, OL/Tennessee - Looking at their roster the Raiders have viable WR’s but the line is weak Sears can help fix that.

    34 - Detroit Lions: Zach Miller, TE/Arizona St. – The Lions are trying to get that wide open offense the St. Louis Rams had and Miller could help open the middle.

    35 - Cleveland Browns: Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas – The Browns are going to need depth and youth along the line because of injuries and bad performance.

    36 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Charles Johnson, DE/Georgia – With the loss of White and no real proven backup the Bucs go with youth to help upgrade and solidify the line for the future.

    37 - Arizona Cardinals: Brandon Meriweather, FS/Miami (FL) – The Cardinals signed Terrance Holt but is he a true starter and playmaker… I think not, Meriweather has the potential to be and I think the new Cards coach will agree.

    38 - Chicago Bears: Tank Tyler, DT/North Carolina St. – With Tyler in the can and the loss of Boone and Scott the Bears are going to need a run stuffing force for their defense.

    39 - Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Spencer, DE/Purdue – The Vikings have used two 1st round picks on DE’s but injuries and poor play will make them address this position early in day 1 of the draft.

    40 - Houston Texans: Anthony Gonzalez, WR/Ohio St. – The Texans are going to need another WR opposite of Johnson and the solid hands and crisp route running of Gonzalez will appeal to them.

    41 - Miami Dolphins: Eric Wright, CB/UNLV – The Dolphins get younger on the D-line with the first pick and get CB help with the second.

    42 - Atlanta Falcons: David Harris, ILB/Michigan – They Falcons cut Hartwell this forces Brooking back to the inside or at least until Harris can get in and compete for the starting ILB spot.

    43 - San Francisco 49ers: Ryan Kalil, C/USC – The Niners need more help along the O-line and the best center in this years draft can help immediately.

    44 - Buffalo Bills: Antonio Pittman, RB/Ohio ST. – The Bills gave up McGahee and will need a suitable replacement and Anthony Thomas is not it, enter Mr. Pittman.

    45 - St. Louis Rams: Justin Harrell, DT/Tennessee – The Rams are going to look to continue adding depth to an ineffective D-line. They don’t have many game changers besides Little (Glover is getting old).

    46 - Carolina Panthers: Drew Stanton, QB/Michigan St. – The Panthers need some depth at QB after cutting Wienke and they especially need to get younger with an aging Delhomme, Stanton might be a great pickup for them.

    47 - Pittsburg Steelers: Michael Griffin, S/Texas – Griffin is a SS by position but I see him moving to FS because he can’t uproot Troy P. Griffin looks to bring range to the FS position.

    48 - Green Bay Packers: Rufus Alexander, OLB/Oklahoma – Alexander could move to SLB to play and form an athletic LB trio along with Barnett and Hawk.

    49 - Jacksonville Jaguars: Steve Smith, WR/USC – The Jaguars have enough large possession type WR’s, Smith brings a smaller, quicker, better route runner.

    50 - Cincinnati Bengals: Josh Beekman, OG/Boston College – The Bengals lost Steinbach in the FA period and must replace him with an understudy in case of injury or another court date (low blow I know).

    51 - Tennessee Titans: Brandon Jackson, RB/Nebraska – I wouldn’t put a RB as this selection but the Titans did lose Chris Brown and Travis Henry… this tells me they need more than LenDale White.

    52 – New York Giants: Joe Staley, OT/Central Michigan – Staley is a tough minded tackle who will add depth to a much needed O-line… they cut their starting LT.

    53 - Denver Broncos: Kareem Brown, DT/Miami (FL) – Denver is going to need someone other than an out of shape former 1st pick and an ineffective space eater. The Broncos need talent and Brown can supply if he has help.

    54 - Dallas Cowboys: Eric Weddle, S/Utah – The Cowboys are going to finally get a S who can cover the middle of the field, regardless of workout information Weddle is a player.

    55 - Kansas City Chiefs: Daymeion Hughes, CB/California – The Chiefs have a good pair of CB’s but they are the guys with old b*lls. With the Chiefs playing a cover 2 scheme Hughes will fit in well.

    56 – Seattle Seahawks: Quentin Moses, DE\OLB/Georgia – The Hawks will look to add depth and mainly a pass rush specialist to a D-line that is effective but lack a major pass rush.

    57 - New York Jets: Brandon Mebane, DT/California – Kemo is very old and they will need another two gap controlling D-lineman, with Mebane able to play the run well he looks to be a running down D-lineman whether it’s a DT or DE.

    58 - Philadelphia Eagles: Buster Davis, ILB/Florida St. – With only one true ILB on the Eagles roster and he can’t really be used in pass coverage, this forces the Eagles to get a mobile ILB, and Don’t over look Davis because of his size.

    59 - New Orleans Saints: Marcus McCauley, CB/Fresno St. – The Saints are going to need depth CB just in case someone gets hurt and if McKenzie leaves when his contract is up.

    60 - Miami Dolphins: Craig Davis, WR/LSU – Davis is going to be an asset to a WR corp. that lost explosive Welker, Davis could add explosiveness to this offense.

    61 - Baltimore Ravens: Earl Everett, OLB/Florida – Everett will add some depth to a LB corp. that just lost Thomas, I think Everett and Dan Cody split time.

    62 - San Diego Chargers: Aundrae Allison, WR/East Carolina – Allison will help add some speed to a WR corp. that struggled last year in the post season.

    63 - New York Jets: Paul Williams, WR/Fresno St. – Williams is a speedster who has a very big upside if he can get polished and consistent.

    64 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Gattis, S/Wake Forest – Gattis was used to play in a zone defense the last few years and he will be able to adjust to the Tampa 2 style.
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      65 - Oakland Raiders: Jason Hill, WR/Washington St.

      66 - Detroit Lions: Doug Free, OL/Northern Illinois

      67 - Cleveland Browns: Tim Duckworth, OG/Auburn

      68 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tanard Jackson, CB/Syracuse

      69 - Arizona Cardinals: Stewart Bradley, OLB/Nebraska

      70 - Denver Broncos: Aaron Rouse, S/Virginia Tech.

      71 - Minnesota Vikings: Mason Crosby, K/Colorado

      72 - Houston Texans: Marshal Yanda, OL/Iowa

      73 - Miami Dolphins: Scott Chandler, TE/Iowa

      74 - Atlanta Falcons: Michael Bush, RB/Louisville

      75 - San Francisco 49ers: Jon Abbate, ILB/Wake Forest

      76 - Buffalo Bills: Jonathan Wade, CB/Tennessee

      77 - St. Louis Rams: Michael Johnson, S/Arizona

      78 - Carolina Panthers: Victor Abiamiri, DE/Notre Dame

      79 - Pittsburg Steelers: Josh Wilson, CB/Maryland

      80 - Green Bay Packers: David Clowney, WR/Virginia Tech.

      81 - Jacksonville Jaguars: Trent Edwards, QB/Stanford

      82 - Cincinnati Bengals: Forfeit (2006 Supplemental Draft)

      83 - Tennessee Titans: Doug Datish, C/Ohio St.

      84 - New York Giants: Marcus Thomas, DT/Florida

      85 - Denver Broncos: Tim Crowder, DE/Texas

      86 - Dallas Cowboys: Kevin Kolb, QB/Houston

      87 - Kansas City Chiefs: Ray McDonald, DL/Florida

      88 - Seattle Seahawks: Kenny Irons, RB/Auburn

      89 - New York Jets: Manuel Ramirez, OG/Texas Tech.

      90 - Philadelphia Eagles: Troy Smith, QB/Ohio St.

      91 - New Orleans Saints: Ikaika Alma-Francis, DE/Hawai’i

      92 - New England Patriots: Ryan Harris, OT/Notre Dame

      93 - Baltimore Ravens: Tony Hunt, RB/Penn St.

      94 - San Diego Chargers: John Wendling, S/Wyoming

      95 - Chicago Bears: JuWan Simpson, OLB/Alabama

      96 - Indianapolis Colts: Quinn Pitcock, DT/Ohio St.
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        Well, for the Browns I have to say something.

        It's all Good!! Personally, this is #1 on my favorite mocks!!

        Cp for you!!!
        The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

        The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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          id rather have weddle in the 2nd and then best DT around in the third. Weddle is very versitile and can be our ss or fs or even dime CB.
          "I'm scared if I stop all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me."


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            47 - Pittsburg Steelers: Michael Griffin, S/Texas –
            74 - Atlanta Falcons: Michael Bush, RB/Louisville

            i dont think griffen falls that late.. and also bush... i think there both earyly 2nd round talent.. however i think Troy Smith to Philly in the 3rd round is a great pick for them.. other than that i think you have a great mock draft good job


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              Originally posted by MHS
              id rather have weddle in the 2nd and then best DT around in the third. Weddle is very versitile and can be our ss or fs or even dime CB.
              Yes. i agree. Considering that you have the Broncos passing on Nelson in the 1st for Carricker, at least grab Weddle before going for a 2nd tier Safety later. There are too many playmaking safeties in this draft. The Broncos NEED to get one of them.


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                If Denver was fortunate enough for the draft to fall this way i would be the happiest person this side of the mississippi


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                  Great picks for the Broncos. I think everyone is sold on Nelson and Weddle that they have tuned out other options. Aaron Rouse is a good safety and would be a great pick in the 3rd.

                  One criticism though, as much as i would be ELATED to have Carriker at #21, my gut tells me he will be gone in the top 15. I love what that guy brings to the table but unless shanny targets him and we move up, then i just dont see him falling to us.

                  Good mock though... the more of these i read the more i am anticipating the real deal!


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                    I love Denvers picks if it happens that way. I hate the fact that Sidney Rice is a probable pick for K.C. or S.D. Best hands in the draft i think.


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                      Great Picks, I love this mock. Don't be too down on Rouse. He's a big saftey who can cover and tackle. I like this pick since we passed on Nelson. I like those picks except Kareem Brown. I say with our second, we should get Kenny Irons or Tony Hunt instead. Sure we have Henry and Bell, but Irons would add a lot to our running game. Both Henry and Bell don't have the best speed in the NFL and Irons and Hunt seems faster than both. Or instead we take Weedle in the second and Irons or hunt in the third and draft a DT with our second third. Love your mock though.


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                        Originally posted by hardcorebronco
                        Great picks for the Broncos. I think everyone is sold on Nelson and Weddle that they have tuned out other options. Aaron Rouse is a good safety and would be a great pick in the 3rd.

                        One criticism though, as much as i would be ELATED to have Carriker at #21, my gut tells me he will be gone in the top 15. I love what that guy brings to the table but unless shanny targets him and we move up, then i just dont see him falling to us.

                        Good mock though... the more of these i read the more i am anticipating the real deal!
                        i like rouse but i think weddle is better...he is more versitile. A sleeper id like the broncos to get is michail johnson... saftey from arizona. And no "guy" knows for sure what is going to happen... look at reggie bush... every so called expert siad he was going to get picked by the texans. Anything can happen in the draft... not trying to put down ur source but nothing for sure is in the draft.
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                        "I'm scared if I stop all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me."


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                          The main reason I didn't select Weddle with our second is because our FS position has Lynch, Cox and Brandon; while our SS only really has Ferguson, Abdullah and other no namers!

                          I do like Weddle though and it was a toss up between them... I just saw our D-line and thought to my-self that they are the weakest link in our defense.

                          One more thing Rouse was a proposed 1st round pick in mid-season college mock drafts and he is a bigger safety which I personally like.

                          Thanks for the comments... Later.


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                            I was going to give you a CP for this but the then headache from that font set it.

                            Please for the love of god don't use it again.


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                              siler allison and wendling for san diego, i wouldn't mind that at all.

                              i have a feeling they're going to draft guard 1st day though , but S and wr seems a safer pick