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    What would you guys think if the draft went like this, in the first three rounds, for the Broncos?

    1st - Reggie Nelson S
    2nd - Charles Johnson or Anthony Spencer DE
    3rd - Marcus Thomas/Paul Soliai DT
    3rd - Mike Walker WR

    Nelson would give us a playmaker in the secondary at the S position and would allow Lynch to play near the line. Johnson or Spencer would be solid DE and would be in the starting lineup on the other side of Ekuban or Lang. Thomas is a first round talent that had a little bit of character issues in college but was extremely sorry about it and would give Warren a stuffing buddy. Soliai would also fit the bill for solid, big DT to put next to Warren. Walker would give us another playmaker on the offensive side of the ball and would easily step in as our #3 WR after Smith retires after this season. Thoughts?
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    I would say that Denver spent too much attention on defense. The reason for the defensive collapse last year was that they were on the field too long, because the offense didn't convert 3rd downs (ranked #21).

    Notice how Denver put a 1st class runningback behind Cutler for next year? Remember Jake had it easy his first 3 years here with a solid running game behind him. Even Elway didn't win a superbowl until Terrell Davis was behind him.


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      I would be pleased
      Season ticket holder since 2012


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        If we Drafted Soliai in the 3rd I call the front office to see if Shanihan was still sane.

        He's just the fattest guy in the draft this year.
        The NEXT Samoan DT bust from Utah, not that good and even a disiplinary problem.


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          that would be friggin amazing, but from what ive read, your 2nd round expectations are very unlikely.

          "Don't let anyone say you can't do anything. Look what Dee achieved in 24 years."
          We all Miss you D-Will and Damien. RIP Broncos forever. :salute:


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            We have a RB. Travis Henry will get the job done and will get 1,500 to 1,800 yds. Maybe even more. That is why we need to work on the defense. Our offense will be even more explosive b/c Cutler has some games under his belt and the new additions that we had last year, they have been in the system for a year and year 2 is always better. Henry will have no problem adjusting to our way of running and Graham will be used mostly as a blocking TE (no worries there). Our offense will be more experienced and young next year and our defense is getting old and needs some help. By getting Nelson, Johnson, and Thomas...our defense would be a Super Bowl winning defense to go along with one of the most explosive offenses in the league (with Mike Walker), in my opinion. There will be weapons and playmakers all over the field on both sides of the ball. Remember, all of the analysts on ESPN's NFL Live said that the Broncos were a major winner in this FA period.