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Denver Bronco's 21st Draft Pick Analysis

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  • Denver Bronco's 21st Draft Pick Analysis

    This is assuming we do not trade up nor down in the first round, and that no major trades are made prior to the draft


    Position Needs (possible positions for using 21st pick on are in red)

    Quarterback - We're set with Cutler, absolutely no need to draft a quarterback in the first round
    Running Back - Henry signing rules out this possibility, unlikely Lynch would fall to us anyway
    Fullback - Johnson and Sapp are both solid options
    Tight End - Sheffler and Graham make up a great two tight end set
    Wide Receiver - Walker is the clear cut number one. Marshall is a great prospect, showed some flashes. Smith is still a dependable wideout, provides leadership
    Offensive Tackle - Lepsis can be trusted to prevent Cutler from being blindsided. Meadows and Pears are decent, fit the system
    Offensive Guard - Hamilton is solid and underappreciated, either Kuper or Holland capable of starting on opposite side
    Center - We have one of the best with Nalen, Eslinger is currently being bred to take over once Nalen retires
    Defensive End - A lot of dead weight, Dumvervil has potential
    Defensive Tackle - More dead weight, Gerard Warren leads a group of average tackles
    Linebacker - Currently the best set of linebackers in the league. Wilson is among the best and his leadership is invaluable. DJ is beastly
    Cornerback - Champ shuts down one side. Interesting to see how Bly will do. Foxy will get the job done at nickel, may challenge Bly
    Safety - Lynch is very valuable despite his age and lack of coverage ability. No clear cut starter opposite of Lynch
    K/P - Elam is dependable and has a few years left in him, Ernester should improve


    Possible Choices

    Wide Receiver
    Ted Ginn Jr. - Slight chance that he'll fall to us, very raw as a receiver but his return skills make him hard to pass up
    Dwayne Jarrett - Slight chance that he'll fall to us, good size and hands, character and speed are a concern

    Offensive Tackle
    Levi Brown - Slight chance that he'll fall to us, his size makes you concerned that he'll end up as the next George Foster
    Joe Staley - Great athlete who could very easily fit into our system
    Tony Ugoh - Great size and potential, could be a stretch for a first rounder

    Defensive End
    Adam Carriker - Slight chance that he'll fall to us, looks like the total package
    Jarvis Moss - Very imposing body frame but needs to bulk up
    Charles Johnson - Solidly built, a bit short but then again we do have Dumervil
    Victor Abiamiri - Typical good pass rusher
    Anothony Spencer - A bit undersized, had terrific production his senior year
    Tim Crowder - Typical good pass rusher

    Defensive Tackle
    Amobi Okoye - Very slight chance he'll fall to us, one of the best prospects in the draft
    Quinn Pitcock - Good strength, overall good but not great
    DeMarcus Tyler - Great strength, work ethic is questionable

    Reggie Nelson - Playmaker who could turn out to be a great ball hawking safety at the next level
    Michael Griffin - Has been very productive through out career, great all around safety
    Brandon Merriweather - First round talent, undersized for a safety and has character issues



    - Wide receiver is definitely not a main area of concern, but if Ginn or Jarrett were to fall to us, it would be foolish to rule them out
    - Unlikely that we go after an offensive tackle this early in the draft, but there are some interesting prospects available
    - Good depth for defensive linemen in this draft, appears only Carriker and Okoye could be great but it is unlikely that either fall to us
    - Also good depth at safety in this years draft class, but we could grab a playmaker in the first round instead of drafting an average one later



    Going out on a limb, my mock selection is Michael Griffin. Shanny will not be willing to risk drafting either Ginn nor Jarrett. The Broncos will continue to look for offensive linemen in the later rounds thus canceling out the possibility of an offensive tackle. With the 21st pick, Okoye and Carriker will be long gone which leaves a crop of play making safetys to choose from

    R.I.P. D.Nash, D.Will

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    Nice analysis. As good a guess as any, I suppose. A good S is a possibility, but I am not certain the Broncos wont trade out, one way or the other. The Draft is only about 5 weeks away!!


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      If some how Mike Bush falls to the 2nd round I would really like to see us pick him up, I would love to see that happen. First round as far as I'm concerned will involve us not be 21st pick, where we end up I don't know but I assume things will change.


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        Good job! I have us taking Reggie Nelson but I would be happy with Griffin