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  • 2 Round Alternate Mock!!

    I decided to go in a different direction from the same old, same old because last year we were all sure Bush was going number one, so I decided to mix things up.

    This is an alternate Mock from the ones we normally see, comments are welcome but lets just have fun with these since the draft can never be fully predicted (the first 15 seceltions maybe but unlikely).

    Round 1:

    1) Oakland Raiders: Calvin Johnson, WR/Georgia Tech - Moss hasn't shown up and well he isn't even close to the WR everyone feared, the Raiders will most likely be in the top 10 picking next year anyway so they can get Brohm, Henne, Booty or Brennan or any top rated QB then (this is asuming McCown gets traded from the Lions).

    2) Detroit Lions: Gaines Adams, DE/Clemson - I was going to go with Joe Thomas but the Lions defense is worse off than the offense and if the Lions are planning on bringing the cover 2 defense to form a pass rushing DE is absolutely needed. Look for OL or QB selection in round 2.

    3) Cleveland Browns: Adrian Peterson, RB/Oklahoma - The Browns have a QB but traded (or released) their most productive RB to the Giants so a definate upgrade and replacement is needed. If the Browns can acquire Trent Green that will further the selection of AP because Russell will definately not be needed this year.

    4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: LaRon Landry, S/LSU - The Bucs need to get younger on defense and while the Bucs have young talent at the safety position Landry is an immediate upgrade of all of them. With safeties becoming more and more versatile an impactful, Landry just screams take me (in draft terms that is). Gaines Adams would be the pick but he is gone at 2 this is the only other immediate upgrade I can see.

    5) Arizona Cardinals: Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconson - They need OT help in a bad way, they are kind of the Texans before the Texans were know for horrible line play and bust Leonard Davis didn't help either, man Dallas overpayed for him.

    6) Washington Redskins: Jamaal Anderson, DE/Arkansas - With Adams and Landry both gone I think Washington admits to need and goes with Anderson even though he was said to have been dropping, Okoye would be a thought here but Griffin, Salave'a and Golston did an ok job inside for the Skins. The big Anderson could pay dividends immediately.

    7) Minnesota Vikings: Levi Brown, OT/Penn St - I know that other people say a QB will be selected here but Brad Childress said he believes Tavaris Jackson will be a star at QB so with him being the incumbant starter, I can't put a QB here but the Vikings as of right now are extremely thin at OL (they are using a center 'Ryan Cook at RT'). Since Brown ihas only been an OT for three years or so I think he can be moved to RT with some ease.

    8) Atlanta Falcons: Amobi Okoye, DT/Louisville - Atlanta has a diminshing DL rotation with Coleman and Jackson getting older and Okoye will bring some youth as well as give him a year or two to fully develope into a beast at DT. Okoye is ranked as a player in the best 7 - 9 prospects available so he falls right around where he is ranked. They can add DE depth with the extra 2nd round pick they aquired.

    9) Miami Dolphins: JaMarcus Russell, QB/LSU - Russell is not projected to fall out of the top five but with no certainty to pick a winning QB we see how far QB's can fall (Aaron Rodgers, Matt Leinart anyone). With Culpepper's knee still a question and Miami's QB position unknown Cam Cameron could get his hands on a young gun slinger to lead this team in the future.

    10) Houston Texans: Leon Hall, CB/Michigan - Robinson can't do it alone in the secondary and with Landry off the board Robinson is added to bolster a rising defense, they better hope Hall is worth it because they got robbed in the Shaub deal and no longer have a pick in round 2.

    11) San Francisco 49ers: Dwayne Jarrett, WR/USC - The 49ers have some big needs at WR since they cut Bryant. Lelie adds a deep threat but there isn't a number one WR who can be the go to guy on the roster, even with Ginn's showing durability comes into play and I think the 49ers take Jarrett.

    12) Buffalo Bills: Patrick Willis, ILB/Ole Miss - I have been saying the Bills will select Willis before the cut Fletcher-Baker and I am still insistant on the Bills picking Willis, they are goiong young and athletic on defense and Willis fits.

    13) St. Louis Rams: Alan Branch, DT/Michigan - With the Jenkins trade basically non-exsistant the Rams will be looking to add and bolster their DL with the big Branch. He should be able to bring run stpping ability and an occassional push to collapse the poscket during passing downs. The Rams will need some DL upgrade this year because GLover is getting really old.

    14) Carolina Panthers: Greg Olsen, TE/Miami (FL) - The Panthers don't really have a gamebreaking TE and the only glaring hole might be at LB if Morgan gets hurt again this year. Their DL, WR, RB, QB, and DB's are all pretty good with decent backups, TE is the only position in which the Panthers can't attack another team with.

    15) Pittsburgh Steelers: Paul Posluszny, LB/Penn St - I know PP isn't expected to go this high but when looking at his versatility (he can line up as an ILB or OLB) and noticing that Farrior and Haggins are in their early 30's along with the release of Porter a versitile LB like Posluszny can soften the blow and play sooner than expected in a defense that might be changed to a 4-3 under new coach Mike Tomlin.

    16) Green Bay Packers: Marshawn Lynch, RB/California - Olsen is gone and while they could take Ginn Jr. here they need a RB who can be an impact right away. All the injury concerns and fumble issues won't deter the Pack from getting an explosive RB like Lynch.

    17) Jacksonville Jaguars: Brady Quinn, QB/Notre Dame - Even though Leftwich is the incumbant starter and Del Rio is said to be on his side there is some bad blood between them in Jax. Gerrard is a nice backup but he struggled as a full time starter and when teams have film to watch on him, he won't be as productive. Besides Jax needs a QB of the future if BL leaves or released due to numerous injuries.

    18) Cincinnati Bengals: Darrelle Revis, CB/Pittsburgh - For a defense who usually creates a lot of turnovers the Bengals fell to the bottom half of the league in passing offense and O'Neal getting older may be why. The Bengals have Ratliff but if he was a starting caliber don't you think he would have started when the Bengals started struggling.

    19) Tennessee Titans: Aaron Ross, CB/Texas - With Pacman seeing game over for the year (or best case 10 games) the Titans are going to need someone to step in and be a playmaking CB, the only problem is they don't really have anyone else. Even when Pacman comes back the Titans will have two young and talented CB's in their secondary. Ginn could also be a choice here.

    20) New York Giants: Joe Staley, OT/Central Michigan - With the release of Petigout the Giants don't really have a future player to fill that spot, even with rumors of Chris Snee moving over from LG they will need a natural LT for the future.

    21) Denver Broncos: Adam Carriker, DE/Nebraska - Once he gets by S.F. and Cin. Carriker is ours. We need a big DL who can play both DE and DT, if we can find another pure pass rusher later we can slide Carriker inside and let him lose on guards. (Since Wilson was cut the only players I want in the first are Branch, Carriker or Willis, otherwise trade out just my :2cents

    22) Dallas Cowboys: Ted Ginn Jr., WR/Ohio St - With Terrell (cry baby or I will tear your team apart) Owens and an aging Glenn the Cowboys will jump at the idea of adding a speedster with Ginn's return ability, the only question is what will Owens do when he gets outshined by a rookie.

    23) Kansas City Chiefs: Robert Meachem, WR/Tennessee - Horrible WR corp., Webb, Parker, Kennison, Hannon, Hall and Gardner... with these WR's no wonder why they give LJ the rock 400 plus times a year, to much inconsistancy (which I don't mind because I hate the Chiefs).

    24) New England Patriots: Chris Houston, CB/Arkansas - Samuel in doubt and Gay probably defecting to the jets leaves the Pats with a thin and horrible CB roster (good for us though), Houston is tough and not afraid to come up in run support something Belichick likes.

    25) New York Jets: Eric Wright, CB/UNLV - The former USC trojan turned Rebel ran very well at the combine and has a lot of potential, with the Jets not picking again until late in the 2nd round Wright is selected here to help a talent depleted CB position. They can add other need areas in the 2nd round (they have 2 picks).

    26) Philadelphia Eagles: Reggie Nelson, S/Florida - The Eagles always stock pile young talent so that they won't have to pay for their services once they become playmaking vets, with this a future replacement for Dawkins (he will be 34 later this year) will be getting groomed.

    27) New Orleans Saints: Marcus McCauley, CB/Fresno St - This player makes the first round purely on the fact that every other 1st round talented CB was selected and the Saints can't wait until they pick again late in the second round to get a potential starter. McCauley has 1st round talent but not the refined skills so I think they make this reach for him here.

    28) New England Patriots: Michael Griffin, S/Texas - Harrison is going to be 35 and he has been injured a lot the last couple of years... this leads me to believe the Pats will select his eventual replacement in Griffin with this pick (they can't really try for a S in the second round they traded it to Miami for Welker).

    29) Baltimore Ravens: Aaron Sears, OL/Tennessee - The Ravens only have three OT's on their roster and Ogden has been mulling retirement as of late so why not get an eventual replacement here and get him ready for that day.

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    30) San Diego Chargers: Dwayne Bowe, WR/LSU - Bowe is an aggressive and physical WR who can team up with Vincent and form a tough young WR tandom, isn't really a burner but he is a steal falling this far.

    31) Chicago Bears: Ben Grubbs, OG/Auburn - Grubbs is the best OG in this years draft and the Bears need an upgrade or at least some youth at OG after the Colts exposed the interior part of the OL in the Super Bowl, the have another pick coming up real quick thats probably where they select another LB just in case Briggs baby's out for half the year.

    32) Indianapolis Colts: Justin Harrell, DT/Tennessee - Depth is definitely needed here, the Colts DL is extremely thin and with Simon's mysterious injury problems I don't see him returning to the Colts anytime soon, Harrell is an exceptional pick here because he has talent to go higher but injuries are a big concern with him.

    Round 2:

    33) Oakland Raiders: Ryan Kalil, C/USC - They need DT depth and youth for when Sapp leavesbut not until the 3rd. I was gonna go QB but they will have a chance at a 10 QB again next year (getting McCown from Detroit might keep them from taking a QB in round 2 as well), so lets fix the line first.

    34) Detroit Lions: Justin Blalock, OL/Texas - After signing the newly released Al Wilson, the Lions can focus on upgrading a O-Line that sucks, they need bigger and better bodies and Blalock fits the description.

    35) Tampa Bay: Jarvis Moss, DE/Florida - They were aiming for either Adams or Johnson and when they missed on both it became Landry and Moss to bring youth and talent to a very veteran defense.

    36) Cleveland Browns: Tony Ugoh, OT/Arkansas - The Browns will add some youth and depth to a line that old CB says sucks... now lets just see if we can get him to stop sending us Clevelands old broken down, busted, worthless, loser DL.

    37) Chicago Bears: Jon Beason, OLB/Miami(FL) - If Briggs sits Beason has the talent to come in and play right away and eventually develop into a good if not great OLB.

    38) Arizona Cardinals: Anthony Spencer, DE/Purdue - Spencer fell out of the first round in this mock only because of his smaller size but Ari will take him with the injury prone Berry and aging Okeafor.

    39) Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Merriweather, S/Miami(FL) - The Falcons continue to upgrade the defense with the extra picks they bamboozeled from the mindless Texans.

    40) Miami Dolphins: DeMarcus 'Tank' Tyler, DT/North Carolina St - The Dolphins need youth and strength on their D-line if they expect to keep using a 3-4 defense and Tyler could be a solid 2 gap DE or NT.

    41) Minnesota Vikings: Zach Miller, TE/Arizona St - The Vikings have very little talent at the TE position, they just don't have a player who can stretch the middle of the field, Miller can help with that.

    42) San Francisco 49ers: David Harris, ILB/Michigan - Harris is a big ILB who can hit and we all know how physical the 49ers can be, this just increases the nastiness they can have on defense.

    43) Buffalo Bills: Antonio Pittman, RB/Ohio St - Pittman ran a 4.41 40 at the combine and had some very good workouts, plus the Bills need a lot more than Antoine Smith.

    44) Atlanta Falcons: Charle Johnson, DE/Georgia - The Falcons can use another pass rusher after losing Kerney and Johnson brings the pressure off the edge on a consistant basis.

    45) Carolina Panthers: Sidney Rice, WR/South Carolina - This 6'5" WR gets to go into a good situation where he can only improve and not have to worry about being double covered, Smith will take care of that.

    46) Pittsburgh Steelers: Josh Wilson, CB/Maryland - This little scrapper can take over for the fumble prone Holmes on punt return duty as well as add some quality depth to a late season struggling CB position.

    47) Green Bay Packers: Steve Smith, WR/USC - Smith ran well and has great hands but just got over shadowed by Jarrett but I’m sure he'll become a favorite target for Rodgers and Farve.

    48) Jacksonville Jaguars: Daymeion Hughes, CB/California - Hughes has too much talent to fall out of the second regardless of what he ran at the combine, and Mathis gets a CB who can be just as tough on the opposite side of him.

    49) Cincinnati Bengals: Quinn Pitcock, DT/Ohio St - The Bengals get lucky and have a pretty darn good DT fall to them this late in the second.

    50) Tennessee Titans: Anthony Gonzalez, WR/Ohio St - The Titans need some WR help and depth and with the success Gonzalez had it looks like he can do the same with VY in Ten too.

    51) New York Giants: Brian Leonard, RB/Rutgers - This guy can help split the load as well as be a receiver out of the backfield and a change of pace guy, they get real lucky he falls this far.

    52) St. Louis Rams: Tanard Jackson, DB/Syracuse - This guy can help out in their secondary wherever they need him to, he also adds much needed depth.

    53) Dallas Cowboys: Eric Weddle, DB/Utah - Weddle can be that FS Roy Williams needs to allow him to play near the LOS and not have to cover as much.

    54) Kansas City Chiefs: Jonathan Wade, CB/Tennessee - After an aging Law and Surtain the Chiefs don't have much, Wade brings youth and speed to the equation, plus I think Edwards gets a CB in almost every draft doesn't he?

    55) Seattle Seahawks: Josh Beekman, OG/Boston College - The Seahawks need some depth at a position they didn't value as much as Minnesota did, Their line looks decent on paper but that just paper.

    56) Denver Broncos: Aaron Rouse, S/Virginia Tech - This 216lbs SS is a piece of us upgrading and getting younger at the safety position, imagine how good he will be with Champ and Bly and especially guidance from Lynch. My 3rd round picks for us are... 3a) Marcus Thomas, DT/Florida and 3b) Brandon Siler, ILB/Florida.

    57) Philadelphia Eagles: Tim Crowder, DE/Texas - With injuries and poor performance from the DE position Phily takes another young DL and continues to build a very athletic and talented DL for seasons to come.

    58) New Orleans Saints: Stewart Bradley, OLB/Nebraska - This under the radar LB has size and is very tough, will add some depth as well as bring some comp to the LB's at mini camp and training camp.

    59) New York Jets: Paul Soliai, DT/Utah - Size is a bonus in a 3-4 scheme and Soliai is pretty big this will allow the Jets the option of moving Ferguson to DE or trying Soliai at DE, either way their DL is getting bigger.

    60) Miami Dolphins: Samson Satele, C/Hawai'i - This guy is big and physical and the Dolphins need to get that way on the OL especially with Cam Cameron being spoiled from the ole line in San Diego.

    61) Baltimore Ravens: LaMarr Woodley, DE\OLB/Michigan - I don't see him as a OLB but he might be able to play both and attempt to fill the void shoes of the departed Thomas.

    62) San Diego Chargers: Buster Davis, ILB/Florida St - This little guy packs a punch and the Bolts need some extra depth at ILB since they let Edwards walk. Don't get down on him because of his size.

    63) New York Jets: Tim Duckworth, OG/Auburn - Duckworth is a 300lbs guard who can vie for playing time right away, and with the success of rookie OL from last year Duckworth might have a chance.

    64) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Craig Davis, WR/LSU - This worked out for them they ended up getting a WR who was supposed to be selected already, the Bucs can add him into the equation and hopefully push Clayton into turning into his rookie form.


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      I absolutely love our two picks, but I'm afraid Carriker won't make it to 21. Rouse is a freak and a real possibility in the 2nd round.


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        excellent draft imo. couple i disagree with but overall excellent. CP for joo.

        Look out for Charlie though, he might be pleasantly surprised too.


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          Nice man. I hope Eric Weddle would slide to us at #56. His versatility is just incredible. Plus he shut down Calvin Johnson. I'd love to have him with the Broncs.
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            Much, much better

            A RB and OL

            But, why pick Adrian Peterson over Joe Thomas?

            Joe Thomas would be a better selection for the Browns in the situation you have them in.

            The Browns could easily just pick a RB in the second or third rounds. The Browns don't need depth at tackle. They need a starter at tackle.
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              Originally posted by OrangeSince77
              I absolutely love our two picks, but I'm afraid Carriker won't make it to 21. Rouse is a freak and a real possibility in the 2nd round.
              I agree that it doesn't seem he will fall but there is a possibility that he does if the top 5 picks turn out a certain way and other unexpected players drop some. Kiper is supposed to be one of the draft genius writters and he has Carriker falling to us. That at least gives me some hope of it. I know they are still trying to trade up as well, you never know who they will go after if we do trade up because they will most likely just take the BPA if they do. It would be kinda like last year.


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                This is a really good alternative mock! Be interesting to c how it plays out but I agree that raiders will pick the best talent there in CJ (al davis always grabs the freaks of nature, although J Russel is one too)

                CP for u!!


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                  I would love to see Carriker fall to us but I dont see him getting past the bengals.If my boy Weddle ends up with the cowboys I'm going to puke especially because we would have been that close to drafting him.That being said Rouse is an intriguing prospect becuse there is a possibly of hime working out at OLB as well.Probably the biggest boom or bust pick at safety in this class.


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                    i hope weddle falls to us. really bad. if not, i'm not sure about rouse. i agree that he is definitley a boom or bust player. not sure if i'd take piscatelli over him or not...

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                      I really liked this draft! The only thing though is if we were in the position to take Reggie Nelson with our #21 I really would hope we take him. And strangely enough I could definitely see Quinn falling to the Jaguars.

                      Very good! CP for you!


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                        not bad and cp to ya for trying a 2 round mock draft!

                        I love the Carriker pick at #21 and if he's available I think we HAVE to take him. I think our 2nd rd pick could be much better used for a DT, another DE, LB, S or o-linemen.
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