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    Originally posted by WABronco
    Griffin simply isn't good value at 21. Meriweather in the first? HA!
    I was all on the Ted Ginn Bandwagon until we signed Stokely, Ginn brings a whole other element to an offense and would compliment Marshall and WAlker nicely. Also help on special teams. But he is not a NEED, and similar wideouts can be found later on such as Aundrae Allison or Johnnie Lee Higgins. Giin would be dynamic.

    I wouldn't necessarily say we need a safety but it is definitely going to be a need in the near future and at the moment it could still use an upgrade. Griffin might not be a good value at 21 but he won't be there at 56 and he will produce like a rounfd 1 pick, Marriwether in my opinion is the most talented and the best looking player on tape out of the three he just stomped on some guys head, and Nelson looks good but he had a lot of talent around him as well and had a stellar D-line.


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      i say best pash rusher available in round 1 and then in round 2 get weddle to play safety, he is really versitle and can play all the DB spots, then in the 3rd get a DT and some o-line depth

      props to snk16 on the sig thx brother