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  • character issues...

    ive been noticing that many people on the boards want us to draft great players that are "diamonds in the rough" with "baggage" and "character issues"...

    in life im a risk taker and i wouldnt blame anyone for taking a risk...

    but from what ive seen and heard, is that we have had bad luck trying turning those rough diamonds into nice shiny ones...

    here is linky to our draft history since '82...

    do you guys think we should take some high risk players again this year like mike walker from ucf??

    note: im not basing this on much but its just a thought...


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    It depends on where theyre picked. Take Marcus Thomas for example. He is a first round talent who is projected to go in the 3rd. I can justify taking him if its after the first considering the upside. Also too, he was a solid citizen pretty much. It was just the last year where he screwed up. Its pretty much a case by case basis item but Im not absolutely averse to drafting a guy with upside who has slid a little. Also, for me, it depends on what they did.


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      later than 2nd round ill take a high risk player but unless its a steal in the second no earlier than 3rd round for character issues

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        Originally posted by SM19
        I'd like to know where this "character risk" talk about Mike Walker is coming from. I haven't seen anything to suggest he would be high-risk.
        Me too. I'm really curious because he'd be a steal later...

        RIP D-Will and Nash


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          Mike Walker may have ran fast, but he's not going to be a deep ball kid in the NFL. I'm trying to do some research on his "character" issue.


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            Originally posted by Dream
            Mike Walker may have ran fast, but he's not going to be a deep ball kid in the NFL. I'm trying to do some research on his "character" issue.
            You can never have too many young WRs.....

            Although I don't think we'll be drafting him because we don't have a 4th or 5th rounder.

            RIP D-Will and Nash


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              San Diego really, really likes Walker and I would not be surprised to see him taken in the third-round by the Chargers if they haven't addressed the position by then. He was described by one of their scouts as "performing as well as any of the top receivers" in the draft. He's just a simple case of a player who is faster without pads, than with them on. I think he'll be pretty good though. He has great hands and runs nice routes. It'd be ****ty to see him on the Bolts.


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                Ryan Moore/WR/Miami

                Will be the steal of the draft. Made big catches for the Canes in the final two games or whatever. Was the most highly touted receiver in the nation out of high school. Great body control and size. Trouble with the law and inconsistent play has really hampered his stock, if he gets that stuff straightened out, then he has the potential to be a dominant #1 STAR receiver.


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                  I would take the risk on lower round people who display excellent football-ship. They screw up, they're out. But I wouldn't follow that guideline for all. It would also mostly be a case-by-case thing.