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    Originally posted by Juggernaught
    We are going after an OT. I can just feel it in my bones.
    It's called gas. Take a beano and come back later.
    "Some people in this world make things happen, some people in this world know what happened, but most people wonder what happened."


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      Originally posted by NickTranOwnz
      Ekuban IMO was the BEST player on the D-line this past season, and Dumervil is going to be the next Dwight Freeney (but only if he can shape up against the run).

      Dumervil the next Freeney? You guys are hilarious.
      "And we all know that stats don't mean anything if you don't have the wins to back them up"-ChampWJ

      It's a good thing Jay Cutler was a proven winner in college. Oh wait, nevermind.


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        I wasnt impressed with Moses watching him in the senior bowl. He ran around & got tossed around like a rag doll. Although it was only one game. And was against the best OT's.


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          Originally posted by lex
          If you upgrade at safety though, you have more flexibility to blitz. And you can create turnovers that way.

          again... needing to blitz! We need a front four which will enable us not to send 6 every down and put our secondary in a position where they still need to cover for 6 and 7 seconds... We will get torched. Bailey is the only man we have seen who can do that and he is unhuman and we are damn lucky to have him. I dont see Bly doing it and i DEF dont see our safeties and LBs doing it. We get a presence on the line and all of a sudden the LB can do what they do best, and our CBs can take more chances because the QB soesnt have all day to throw the ball.

          We get serious on our D line and i think we are down scary on defense. Safety wouldnt be bad for a later pick, dont get me wrong but with a stud DL we can get real creative on defense and it opens up so much scheme wise and turnover wise imo... I am going to be one pissed bronco fan if we dont take a DE with our first pick....