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    Originally posted by broncolee
    The only two holes we really have are a pass rusher and a big body DT. There's no reason to move down. People can whine about how we need a safety or a WR, or any other position all they want, but last season the biggest problem on defense was the pass rush. Getting a big body in the middle and a legitimate pass rusher is the best solution to that problem. The offensive weaknesses were addressed in FA.
    I agree that the only holes that need to be filled right now are DE and DT, but we also need to use this draft to get a young safety to replace Lynch or Ferguson, and after the moves we've made this offseason we need depth at OT and LB. That's 5 positions we should fill in this draft. I would also like to trade down, either our 1st for two 2nds or our 2nd for two 3rds, so that we'll have 5 picks on day 1 to fill our 5 needs.


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      If they don't trade up, then trading down sounds like a viable option. We do have needs, and if trading down helps us fill them, I'm for it.

      Whatwould #7do, I like your pick on David Ball. He has done to much to go un-noticed in my book. If he's there in the 6th round, I would jump all over him for that pick.


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        Originally posted by WhatWould#7Do
        What I would do, is trade our 1st and 3rd for someones high 2nd and 3rd, then I we would have value in the third to possibly move into the lower half of the second round, leaving us with three round 2s and two 6s, take those three round twos get Justin Harrel, Spencer, Wendle. Use one 6th on oline and the other on wide out. I would look at David Ball. This guy has broken Jerry Rice's record of most TD receptions in college, and he ran about the same 40 time as Rice, and he goes to some college in New Hampshire. And get this....he isn't expected to get drafted because he ran a 4.7 40....but he has 4,600 career receiving yards in college He only missed Rice's record by like 30 yards.

        Then we can have a party

        But ill be the first to tell you that I dont know anything about college players or the draft, so dont take me seriously, this is the time of year where I sit back and listen to everyone else and come up with my own opinions on who to draft. Ive never seen these people play, but I like chicken.

        trade our first for a second ,,,and our third for a third

        might as well tell sunquist to bend over and take one for someone elses team
        when do native Americans become human and not mascots


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          I would be very pleased if we happened to move down, although I am not counting on it to happen.

          King touched on this in this week's MMQB
          "I bet you'll see plenty of teams in the mid- to low-first-round trying to trade down, and I bet they'll have a lot of trouble finding trading partners,'' this personnel guy said.
          That being said, hopefully we continue talking with Det...
          But instead for shooting for #2, we pick up their #2 picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
          Although, we would have probably have to throw in our 6a pick.

          It works out pretty well on the draft value chart.
          Lions: Pick 34 (560) + Pick 66 (260)= 820 pts.
          Broncos: Pick 21 (800) + Pick 176 (21)= 821 pts.

          I would love to see the picks go something like:
          2a Brandon Meriweather S, Miami (Fl.) (Hoping character concerns drop him here)
          2b Quentin Moses DE, Georgia
          3a Ray McDonald DT, Florida
          3b James Marten OT, Boston College
          3c Hard Choice, my chart would go something like: (Stewart Bradley OLB, Tony Hunt Rb, Quincy Black OLB)

          It would be a nice out for Matt Millen because he can please the casual fans with CJ while picking up a DE for the technical fans.

          "Sauced."- Broshown Broenbro


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            Trading down is an option, like people have said it would give Denver more picks with which to fill more holes. Honestly, I'm OK with anything Denver might do. Last years draft renewed my faith. The Broncos would really have do something crazy like draft a kicker or a QB in the first round to make me say W T F?