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Al Wilson still ours?

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    Originally posted by jeremy_koenig
    Listen guys, the interview they had with Al Wilson was just a ceremonial goodbye to the fans when he found out about his eventual release. The Broncos have yet to file the paperwork, so as of right now he is still a Bronco. Maybe Denver did this so they could see which teams were waiting for him and trade him on draft day
    The report that Chidoze brought doesn't say that.
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      Originally posted by jlhawkins9
      Al Wilson
      Al Wilson


      Waiting for Wilson
      <Apr. 23> The Giants are among a few teams willing to give Wilson a chance despite his back problems, according to John Clayton. The only problem is he hasn't been released.
      The five-time Pro Bowl linebacker remains on the Broncos' roster even though he held a press conference to announce he was being cut. The Broncos said nothing during that emotional press conference. It's pretty clear they will release him, but his rights currently belong to the Broncos.

      Could we trade him if he has healed up??

      I Hate to say i Told you so..... Some of you guys have selective vision. Al Wilson has not been released yet. Thats three different news outlets. ESPN, DP, and Rocky Mountain saying the Broncos have yet to file the paperwork. He will be released but he has NOT been released yet. It was reported but it hasnt been followed through...

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        It may only be a matter of filing paperwork, but consider the roster...

        Al Wilson is still listed.

        Todd Saurbraun is also listed, a more recent roster change than Al. You can't say the roster hasn't been updated lately.

        For whatever that's worth...


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          Originally posted by TXBRONC
          The report that Chidoze brought doesn't say that.
          Whats your point? Look at the dates of the two articles......Denver Post is April 13th and the ESPN one is from yesterday.


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            Regardless of what Wilson or his agent or what Wikipedia may have said, until the paperwork gets filed the Broncos still have rights to Al Wilson.
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              OK, what the ****????? Im going crazy


              and then this one..........