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    That's why you put D.J. on the weakside, Briggs on the strongside, and Webster in the middle. Webster was Al's replacement when he was hurt, if you remember. I would like to get Briggs and not trade up to #2. If we can grab Briggs and then trade up to #14 and get Nelson or stay at #21 and grab Griffin, I would be happy. Then address the D-Line in the rest of the draft. All we need is one more pass rusher to go on the other side of Dumervil (who I think will start) and a big DT to put next to Warren.

    Trade for Briggs
    1st - Nelson or Griffin (#14 or #21 respectively)
    2nd - DE (Crowder, Spencer, Charles Johnson, Bazuin, Harris (Alabama)) in that order
    3rda - Marcus Thomas DT
    3rdb - Mike Walker WR/KR
    6tha - Madison Miller (DE/LB Indiana State, this kid will be a stud)
    6thb - BPA
    7th - Walter Thomas OT

    Could also trade our 3rdb and 6thb for Shaun Rogers. I would not be opposed to doing that either. Thomas would then add depth and push Warren for the starting spot next to Rogers. If not, Walker is a big, fast, athletic WR who could help us in the return game if Clark isn't the returner this year. W. Thomas also adds depth to the o-line and he's big. We get a playmaking S, pass rushing DE, a BIG DT, and add depth. What else do you want? I don't know what it would take to get Briggs so subtract those picks from the equation unless we used future picks. Maybe a 3rd this year and a 3rd or 4th for next year.
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      walter thomas is a DT.

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        When is the draft?

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          The only rumors with any chance of reality are the Jenkins rumors.

          We won't get Lance Briggs, and certainly not Calvin Johnson.

          Originally posted by TheFuture6
          when is the draft?

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            Originally posted by bengaaaaals1688
            The way Briggs plays I don't think he would be able to play MLB well. That is just my personal opinion, though. It is possible, but I think DJ even if he is smaller is better suited for the switch.
            Briggs has played MLB before. DJ has not. They are about the same size. DJ might be a little taller.

            Briggs has also stated that he wants to be "the man" like Urlacher. If we did get Briggs, they could end up competing for the MLB spot and Briggs could win that battle.

            I don' think it will be any concern to us because I don't think we will be getting Briggs. We also won't be getting CJ. I do like the possibility of getting Jenkins, who, despite what other threads have said, is not a Ram.
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              Man, we just cut Al cause he was due a 5.2 base salary, and now you wanna trade for a guy who has a 7.1mil tag on him and wasn't happy with a 6 yr 33 mil deal?!