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Deal with Lions dead

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    Originally posted by TXBRONC
    If I'm not mistaken Spencer has 1st round grade so is if waste pick a wide receiver especially Ginn (in the 1st) we wont be able to draft Spencer.
    Yea, and chances are Crowder and Abiamiri are both gone by #70 also.

    My 2007 Adopt a Broncos are Brandon Marshall and Erica Weston


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      Deal still in the works. Our first 2nd and 3rd and next years first for #2 (or somthing like that)


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        I saw that too. Is any player worth that. Hope they know what they are doing..


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          He will be a TREMENDOUS talent in this league for years to come - however - the Broncos would have to mortgage their future for the next 3+ years to get C.J. and we are only a peice or 3 away from winning NOW!!!!

          I would love to see a player the likes of C.J. play with Cutler and Javon/Marshall, etc. but the asking price is WAY to high for the Broncos....

          Broncos need to go D-Line/Safety/LB with their 1st pick....

          However, with Shanny, one never knows what crap he may pull out of his a$$ come Saturday....

          I CAN'T WAIT
          I owe CP's to: no one