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    What do you guys think about the broncos putting together a trade with Houston for their 10th overall... Can Shanny and Kubby work something out?

    Here's why:

    The Texans sitting at 10th overall doesn't do them much good considering they are likely looking at O-line or Corner in the draft... which means swapping first rounders and gaining additional picks would be far more beneficial to Houston.

    We know that San Francisco and Buffalo are likely interested in Patrick Willis at 11th and 12th, respectively. I think picking him at 10th would be a great addition under Bates. Hopefully the broncos would be able to address DE/DT/S in the second (unlikely since we'd probably have to give this one up) and third, potentially with Meriweather, Harrell, or Quentin Moses...

    What do you guys think?

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    Trading up for Willis would be dumb. Just give DJ a chance at MLB and draft an OLB in the later rounds or whatever. But trading up for a LB?? Stupid.

    I would rather see them draft Stewart Bradley in the 2nd round, where he may be a slight reach, than trade up for Willis.

    We NEED Alan Branch. He has a good chance of falling to us and the D-line, especially the interior, is sh1t.

    Alan Branch in a Broncos uni. Make it happen Shanny.


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      alan branch takes plays off, willis would be a great addition, if not him, quincy black or deossie in a later round, i think you're right on with this though


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        Originally posted by tjhenry
        alan branch takes plays off

        Brilliant insight.