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    Hopefully Anderson slides to #21.


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      Originally posted by Lorcust
      Brady Quinn

      Leon Hall

      Dwayne Jarrett
      personally dont even think hall is that good and im a huge UM fan...marlin jackson was a better prospect in my mind and he went at the bottom of the first round


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        Originally posted by Navin Johnson_
        That would be a great for Houston...if they pick him. A star RB is a way for their fans to forgive them for not picking Bush or Young.

        I doubt he gets past Minnesota at #7 though. If I were a Texans fan, I would want them to trade up to secure Peterson.
        Well i got Minn. going with Quinn with thier pick.

        Also, nice one Locrust... Hall... i have him out of the first round in my mock.
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          Alan Branch in the 1st.Ryan Kalil will fall to the 2nd part of the 2nd rnd because of his position.


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            Leon Hall
            Reggie Nelson
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              Marshawn Lynch falls into the 2nd round because GB wants Greg Olsen.


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                Originally posted by Neight
                Marshawn Lynch falls into the 2nd round because GB wants Greg Olsen.
                I don't see them passing on a possible franchise running back when Olsen is the best of a very weak TE class, not first round worthy and considering the lack of options GB has at running back.

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                  I havent seen any mock that has this guy going past 10 really.

                  Levi Brown...

                  I could definitely see him slipping. If guys like Peterson or Quinn fall even one or two spots, that puts teams with multiple needs in a tight spot. On one hand they could take Brown, the tackle that they need. On the other hand if a great franchise skill player like peterson or quinn falls to them, they could take them and try to address their O line needs in the second and third rounds.
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