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    I like Moss. A speedy DE in getting after the Q.B. and in pursuit of R.B.s. His speed is a great asset.

    As for his weight...if Sheffler can gain 30 pounds in the off-season, i don't see no reason why Moss can't either (i would prefer just 15 more pnds).

    Again, he's a prototypical Bates DE. "IF" he's available when Denvers pick comes up, him and Shanny may find him hard to pass up. Of course unless Shanny has his eye on someone else.


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      People need to realize that DE's are not used for stopping the run in bates system, thats what the big body DT's are for. Even tho moss is undersized doesn't mean he can't stop the run to save his life, even if moss doesn't put on a few extra pounds, bates can still help his technique top help him better against the run just like he did for the guys in green bay and miami. Maybe in Coyer's scheme, we needed a DE that can defend run AND pass but not this trip


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        Like I said in a previous Thread concerning Moss. If we pick him I might puke.


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          We aren't drafting Jarvis Moss. Chisel it in granite.