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Mock Draft on who teams SHOULD pick

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    Stop the drama women.

    This draft is pathetic.

    Jamaal Anderson over Gaines Adams?

    Reggie Nelson over Laron Landry?

    Sabby Piscitelli over Michael Griffin?

    No words to describe this. Not to mention the Raiders take a QB to be pummeled behind that horrible offensive line. At least they can draft first again next year, without Al Davis if they're lucky. I agree with Charlie Brown that the oline should come first before a QB or RB as well. Just like for OUR defense, without a line even the best players can't succeed. No secondary can cover for 10 seconds, no QB can throw with 1-2 seconds, and no RB can run with no blocking. It all starts up front. As for the Jarvis Moss pick, I think it is a safe pick if the others are gone. Oh and if this happened, we would most likely trade to the Panthers and take Landry, but no way he falls that far.


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      In a record setting pace Charlie is being added to many ignore lists.

      Apparently noone cares! He's only doing it to himself by taking every single thing said about the Browns to offense


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        Who cares abouth the Browns dude? Nobody has even hears from you since we last taxed that ass in the playoffs about 60 years ago. Start rooting for a real team...the dawgpound is sooooo 1980's. You need to draft a slew of high school kids and feed them for the next ten years and just hope one will trip his way into the end zone some day. The
        "I'm your Huckelberry"


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          If everyone wants to smack talk make a thread in the smack talk forum, this is a topic about the mock draft that the original poster put out.