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Just a feeling but cj will be a bronco

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    Originally posted by Rackman
    I've read through the whole thread. Interesting opinions for and against CJ.

    1st of all, we have a coach that is a gambler, and I would not be surprised if he pulled it off for CJ. That is if he is available. I admire Mike. The reason that this team is a contender, and always in the hunt is because of him. We are a good team that he is trying to make into an elite team. Do I have anything against Mike trying to make a reach for this guy? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't care what some of you think against CJ, or that he might be a bust or something. This guy is TOO MUCH of a TALENT to pass on. He won't be a flop, unless he is seriously injuried. Man, the guy has the hands of a possession receiver, and the speed to burn everyone. He reminds me of a young version of you know who on the Raiders, without the baggage.

    If Mikes speciality is offense, let him have the opportunity to create the offense that is second to none. If we can field a decent team on defense, and a #1 offense, we will blow the doors off in this league again.

    I say if Shannahan can pull it off, I'm for it. I hope the pieces fall into place for him.
    Keywords are in bold. He is too much talent to PASS ON. He is not, however, enough talent to throw away your draft and your chance at upgrading the necessary positions your team needs to upgrade. If someone passes on him, they aren't too smart, if they throw away everything for him they are dumber than the person who passed on him.

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    All you nooby dooby doos need to stop making stupid threads.:coffee:


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      Well, we can now stop all the Calvin Johnson crap, because the Texans just announced that they are NOT shopping the #10 pick to the Broncos!

      No #10 pick? No #2 pick. It's simple.

      Goodnight and close this thread! :wave: