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Ifs... and BIG IFS....

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  • DTownNative
    Originally posted by SM19
    It's a no-brainer to take Okoye over Wills.
    I love Willis...but for our needs, Okoye would be the better value.

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  • sneakers
    Awww, I thought you were going to say:

    "Ifs... and BIG BUTTS....

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  • SDSU#1
    your not the only one going crazy....

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  • 32-33Champs
    started a topic Ifs... and BIG IFS....

    Ifs... and BIG IFS....

    If we get the #10 and if Okoye & Willis are both still there we should nab Okoye for the following reasons:

    1. Talent - he has the skills of a 2nd year DT (8 sacks as a DT)
    2. Youth - I still don't believe he is only 19
    3. Size - 6'2" 302 (and you know he is still growing)
    4. Teamate of Elvis - Can you imagine the chemistry they already have
    5. We could have a Nigerian Nightmare

    But I wouldn't complain about Willis or finding a way to get CJ or Landry or Adams or Thomas or ...

    Did I mention that this draft is making me CRAZY!!!

    57 Hours & 53 Minutes!!!