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My Ideal Draft, as of 10:23 PM 4/25 (w/10th overall pick)

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    Originally posted by JetterIsBetter
    What if carricker was there at #70?

    your joking right???

    He is a top 15 pick


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      Originally posted by Dream
      You're a huge fan of Jackson, and I can understand why - but I think there are better options at #70. Personally, I like Gattis better - but for what you were given and what scenarios you included, (the trade) it's a solid draft.

      I think people will be surprised where Henderson ends up on draft day, being a Seminoles fan, I'm not going to give much bias on him - but he's a decent developmental project. Erik Pears came in and did all right, and I think that Henderson is a better project than Erik was, and if we could land him there, I'd be happy. He's on the rise, I think he could come off as early as the fourth round to a team like the 49ers.

      After that, there's really much you cannot ***** about, but I'm not a huge fan of Woods. I really think players like Ryne Robinson will go unnoticed and slip into that sixth/seventh round area.

      Who knows though.

      Nice work mang.
      IDK, I actually thought that Jackson was a reach on my part, as I think he'll go higher.


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        I don't think that I like the idea of trading to #10 unless Adams is there (which he won't be). I think that it would cost us to much. We have some other things to address as well in the second and third rounds (S, OT) which can provide some real quality players.


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          I personally think that if we can find someone with two 2nd round picks, we trade them our first for the 2 2nd rounders, with all the people in the 2nd we could really get quality players. Think about it, we could end up with any combination of

          Charles Johnson
          (maybe) Griffin
          Sidney Rice
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