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  • Why Not- Here's My Mock...

    Here's a few sample Denver Mocks that I Could See Happening:

    (1) This is the 'Stay-Put' Scenario

    #21-- Jon Beason (Lb; Miami)
    #56-- Charles Johnson (DE; Georgie)
    #70-- Marcus Thomas (DT; Florida)
    #86-- Josh GAttis (S; Wake Forrest)

    (2) This is the 'Trade-Up' Scenario PART-I

    #10-- Patrick Willis (LB; Ole Miss) -we give Houston #56 & #70
    #86-- Marcus Thomas (DT; Florida)

    (3) This is the 'Trade-Up' Scenario PART-II

    #10-- Patrick Willis (LB; Ole Miss) -we give Houston #56 & #70
    #39-- Anthony Spencer (DE; Purdue) -we give Atlanta #1 pick next year
    #86-- Marcus Thomas (DT; Florida)

    (4)This is the 'Trade-Down' Scenario

    #25-- David Harris (LB; MIchigan) -we get Jets' 2nd (#59)
    #35---Ryan Kalil (C; USC) -we trade #56 & #70
    #59-- Quentin Moses (DE; Georgie)
    #86-- Marcus Thomas (DT; Florida)

    (5) MY WISH LIST (playing it straight up)

    #21-- Reggie Nelson (S; Florida)
    #56-- Anthony Spencer (DE; Purdue)
    #70-- Ikaika Alama-Francis (DE; Hawaii)
    #86-- Paul Soliai (DT; Utah)

    Anyway... I would prefer to stay put at #21... NOT TO TRADE UP... Why? Well... if Shanny wants Willis... well... I would be happy with either Lawrence Timmons, Jon Beason or David Harris PLUS my other picks... Willis is good but I would rather have LB + DE, instead of just Willis.. Same goes with Okoye... He's good but I would rather have 4 picks instead of two... Alama-Francis, Spencer, Thomas are just fine. Plus, Okoye is young and may take a few years to become dominat. Our window is wide open next year... therefore... I would rather take 4 contributing, solid players instead of just having one very,very good player.

    I wouldn't mind trading up in 2nd round... I would even trade a few picks from next year's draft (a #2 and #3) to make that happen... Imagine if we had our 4 early picks PLUS another high #2?

    I would love to have a Nelson, Merriweather or Griffen on my team...
    Same goes with the Lb list of Timmons, Beason or Harris.
    All the De/Dt prospects I mentioned above... I would love ANY combo of two...

    If I could have my wish... I trade away our 2&3 next year to move up in 2nd... I grab:

    (1) Nelson/Griffen
    (2) Timmons/Harris
    (2) Spencer
    (3) Alama-Francis
    (3) Thomas-Soliai

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    I don't think that we will have to give them the 2nd and 3rd round picks from this year. I would imagine it will involve a pick from next year but good job. I would love to get Willis and still have a pick in the 2nd to get Charles Johnson and Gattis in the 3rd. That would be an A in my mind. Then get Walter Thomas in the 6th or 7th and Madison Miller in the 6th and we would be set


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      Anything regarding trading a 1st round pick for a second round pick is just totally stupid, we get nothing comperable for the pick we give up.


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        I actually like scenario #4, but instead of a center in the second, go with a safety. If we got those four picks we fill every hole and could go projects on day two, such as a David Ball or the huge defensive tackle everyone is talking about. Good job, I can't wait for Saturday!


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          I like scenario 5 best. Could be better if we get a safety over one of those DE's

          My 2007 Adopt a Broncos are Brandon Marshall and Erica Weston