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A Draft I'm Hoping For, But My Very 1st Mock!

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  • A Draft I'm Hoping For, But My Very 1st Mock!

    #21 - Jarvis Moss : DE Florida
    #56 - Eric Weddle : S Utah
    #70 - Kenny Irons : RB Auburn
    #86 - Mike Walker : WR Central Florida
    #176 - DeAndre Jackson : CB Iowa State
    #198 - Justin Medlock : K UCLA
    #233 - Thaddeus Washington : LB Colorado

    Free Agent Pick Up: Jared Zabransky : QB Boise State

    I know, this probably wont happen, but I think its pretty realistic...although the chance of it happening is pretty slim to none. Remember..its my very first mock.

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    The Kenny Irons and DeAndre Jackson picks are completely unnecessary. In place of Irons, I would go with a DT like Tank Tyler, and instead of Jackson, I would take an OT like Mario Henderson.
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      I think it would be cool to pick up Zebransky (SP) to see if he could develop into a reliable backup. He has been kind of a favorite of mine since that Boise State bowl game, which was probably the most entertaining football game I have ever watched in my life!!


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        Donde esta el Defensive Tackle?

        Translation: Where is the Defensive Tackle?

        My 2007 Adopt a Broncos are Brandon Marshall and Erica Weston


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          I'd probably replace Kenny Irons with Marcus Thomas, but other than that.. not bad at all.