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    Wilson himself said it wasn't a money issue...


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      for the record, i don't think one had anything to do with the other. as much as we all loved Al and wish he could play forever, just take some time to recall how long he laid on the field late last year while we all prayed he was not a quadriplegic - i don't know if his neck is ok but i hope and pray he can live a productive life

      it ain't all about football man.
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        Originally posted by SethGrandpa
        I know this doesn't deal with the draft, which is all anybody wants to talk about, but this is an important point (maybe it's been pointed out before).

        First put me on record as hating the Daniel Graham signing from a purely personal sense. I believe Sheffler has pro bowl potential and showed it at the end of last season. Going out and signing a second TE for that much is ridiculous.

        But it just dawned on me that if we had NOT signed Graham we could've probably kept Al Wilson. Really...I'm so mad at this. We cut a pro bowl caliber MLB for a decent TE. Really...think about it for a sec.

        The Broncos have made so many great moves this off season, but that one was just terrible. They created a need in order to attain an unnecessary surplus. AHHHH!!!
        Have you ever heard of a 2 TE set?